Founders Session Intensive

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Course Title:
Founders Session Intensive -Members Only

Course Overview:
In this course, students have the opportunity to observe, discuss and receive sessions with BodyTalks founder Dr. John Veltheim.

Course Description
Learning through practical application. Founders Session Intensive provides participants with an opportunity to observe and discuss many BodyTalk sessions facilitated by Dr. John Veltheim in a group setting. Participants will learn strategies for improving standards of practice and will observe advanced BodyTalk sessions to deepen their insight into the potential of BodyTalk.

In this practical experience, students can register to attend and receive a personal one-on-one session from Dr. John Veltheim. Typically, 15 students will receive sessions in a one-day course and 30 in a two-day course. These spots are allocated to the first 15/30 students who register through the IBA Web site. Once this number has been reached additional students can attend to observe the course at a reduced rate, but will not receive personal one-on-one training due to time restrictions.

This interactive class allows BodyTalk students with any level of experience to learn directly from the founder. John will perform BodyTalk sessions in front of the group, explaining techniques and concepts used in each session. Students are welcome to discuss and ask questions about the work being presented after each session is performed.

John also demonstrates some of the most advanced techniques used in The BodyTalk SystemTM. By observing the BodyTalk session by the system’s founder, students gain a deeper understanding of The BodyTalk SystemTM and where their studies will lead them as practitioners.

Course Outline


1. Overview of Advanced Techniques

2. Review Important Ethical Standards


1. Founder will complete 15/30 sessions while participants observe and receive.

2. Founder will discuss the session and answer questions

Comments and Question

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

1. Understand the depth of The BodyTalk &entity_name; System by observing a range of BodyTalk techniques, including PaRama and other advanced techniques.
2. Observe several BodyTalk sessions from the highly skilled BodyTalk founder, therefore gaining insight into the process of giving a session.
3. Develop a deeper understanding of the integration and utilization of ALL the BodyTalk techniques, taught in the various courses, within a single session.
4. Increase their standard of practice through observation of multiple BodyTalk sessions performed by the founder.
5. Gain professional development from studying with BodyTalk’s founder.
6. Gain personal development from receiving a session from BodyTalk’s founder.

This course counts for 8 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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