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Watten Estate Condo
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Early Bird Fee = SGD$800 before May 15, 207

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Building a Professional BodyTalk Practice:

Practical skills NOT covered in the BodyTalk Fundamentals classroom nor in your manual. How to set-the-stage, clear from the start (business, part-time, passion/personal) according to your own needs, and how to start practising.

BodyTalk Fundamentals provided you with a Structure in learning the BodyTalk Techniques. The Fundamentals Integration deepen your understanding by bring forth the principles behind each of the 19 techniques!

It's when you understand, you can translate the BodyTalk formula to your clients professionally.

Professionalism = [30% techniques + 70% skills].

This course varies from Instructor to Instructor.

Why attend this Course?

"Having practiced BodyTalk for 10-years, coordinated courses for 8-years and facilitated studygroups for 7-years; led me to design the Fundamentals Integration course the way it is now, for 2 main reasons:-

     Many don't know how to interpret BodyTalk formulas

   •  Even more don't know how to explain what is BodyTalk.

   •  Yet majority, don't know where to start.

If that is the case, where would you find people to practice on??? Soon enough, many gave up :-(

If that's how you feel, don't despair!!!. I've structured the Fundamentals Integration course, customized to your needs. It may have the answers you need to pursue BodyTalk as a career!" - Irene Khor

What you will learn

Know your technique, before using them - explore the functional aspects, principles behind each of tghe 19 BodyTalk Techniques.

Understand it's implications at these different levels - Psychological, Emotional, Physical,...etc…

Managing client’s expectations - with the art-of-listening principle: “Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood” (How to listen to the body, to the formula, and to your client)

Perform full session and document BodyTalk formula

How to translate (“interpret”) BodyTalk formula, then debrief to your clients, objectively

How to introduce BodyTalk to new and potential clients

Discussion about how to prepare for the CBP Certification

Elaborate on using the Appendices in the back of the Fundamentals manual.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Why BodyTalkers don’t feel drained after session, can’t absorb ‘negative’ energy from others; how to work with agendas; when and how much to charge for session, how to book Follow-up appointments…etc.

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