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Community Wholeness Centre
59 Maple Ave,
Barrie, ON L4N 1R9 Canada Phone: 705-735-2424


SKIP THE FEBRUARY BLUES - two-4-one special .... bring a friend for free ---- 2 registrants for $190 includes HST.... one manual and hand out. Extra manuals available for Check

PLEASE NOTE: The instructor reserves the right to cancel the course up to 10 days prior should the enrollment of new students not meet the minimum numbers (Full refund is then applicable). **Manuals must be ordered and Venue confirmation is due.

*** Cancellation Fees non-refundable applies if student withdraws 1 week or less, prior to class date (credit will be applied to future class).


Place health back into your own hands and put more fun back into your life with a powerful set of self-care tools for disease prevention and maintenance of optimal health. Or add to your existing health care practice. BodyTalk Access is a certificate course. The cost of the class includes a full Colour Manual and healthy snacks at breaks ………

Learn how BodyTalk will change the way you look at healthcare forever!

Cherie’s professional delivery provides significant practice time for learning and skill integration. She also provides continued support to all participants to ensure growth and professional development for each student!

Call the coordinator or instructor to answer your questions or for more information. NOTE: CWC is the location depending on numbers.

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