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Ruko G-Walk Junction
TL 6/11
Surabaya, 60217 Indonesia


The BodyTalk Public Presentation is FREE. If you would like to sign up for the BodyTalk Access Class, you can register here :


The morning of the BodyTalk Access Course is open to public for anyone who would like to find out more information about BodyTalk Access. You will learn from this morning class: 1) What is the BodyTalk System 2) What is BodyTalk Access 3) What is the difference between BodyTalk Fundamentals and BodyTalk Access 4) Overview of the 5 BodyTalk Access Techniques 5) Live BodyTalk Session Demo 6) Learn the Cortices technique. The Cortices Technique is the single most critical technique and most used technique in the BodyTalk System to balance the brain because all pain and symptoms in the body are reflected in some part of the brain and neurological function. You will see in this presentation how how can easily shift and improve when we balance the brain with the cortices technique. A technique that every person can learn to have better health, improve the brain and memory function, reduce stress and increase the overall sense of well-being.

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