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Calgary, AB Canada


This Class will be held IN PERSON. Cost is $185+tax The Access Routine is a set of 5 energetic techniques designed to bring your brain, nervous system and body out of shock. When done daily, Access facilitates our natural inborn ability to heal by promoting that we stay in the Parasympathetic side of our nervous system, or Rest and heal mode. Each technique that you will learn will address a different part of the whole BodyMind. This Routine has been designed to be used everyday to promote balance and calmness within. Stress is at the root of all illness and disease that presents in the physical body. Access effectively disrupts the stress patterns that are held in the brain, effectively disrupting theses patterns in the physical and energetic layers of you as well. You will also learn the 6th Technique which is called Fast Aid. Fast Aid offers us 4 easy repeated steps, that bring the brain out of shock immediately and help promote instant healing to the injured area by promoting a calm brain and nervous system. Our Brain cannot send signals to the rest of the body, especially an injured area when we are in shock!!!! You will learn these tools in one day, but will have them to use for life!!!! Once you have learned the Access routine, you will be able to help others as well. The one thing I see in my practice is that most of us feel like there is nothing we can do to help ourselves. Well here it is! a self care routine for you. I notice that When someone takes charge of their own health and commits to selfcare, big changes happen for them. Join us.

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