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Los Angeles, CA USA Phone: 3105929053


Class price is $650 for the first 10 registered attendees. $825 for other new students. All second time/repeat students pay $199. Confirming your spot in this class is s two step process. 1) Pre-register here. 2) Make your payment (in order of preference): - Venmo: @LauraMitchellWilde - Zelle: - Check: let me know and I’ll send the address. - PayPal: - Credit Card: visit and scroll to the very bottom or click on Shop to see all products and find the MIndScape class listings. Payment plans are available. Text 310.592.9053 if you have questions.


Join the IBA’s very own NBA Mental Performance and Game Consistency coach Laura Mitchell Wilde. ~Laura has used her MindScape Practice to create a successful and lucrative career outside of her BodyTalk and MindScape teaching practice - and is currently in her second season working with a top NBA team, its athletes and coaches in their quest for a World Championship. Learn more on ~ Laura can help ANYONE regardless of status or life interests - feel great and create. ~Her work with elite athletes has given her a perspective on what is required to be excellent. She will share this with you so your MindScape experience up-levels your life! ~Using MindScape, BodyTalk and her own special blend, Laura also trains individual WNBA, NFL and MLB athletes to mental resilience and consistency. ~ Let her show you how to bring out your inner athlete and goal getter! People report breaking through huge mental barriers and self sabotage tendencies after class. ~She’ll share her methods and help you go BEYOND your own perceived potential. She’ll share her methods for helping YOU make your dreams come true. The end of day Sunday includes a bonus metaphysical portion to further enhance your class experience. ~Did you know that many MindScape students say they’re better parents, students, athletes, dancers, or healthcare practitioners after they learn this incredible and priceless work? ~ Truly - this two day excursion into the hidden gems of your mind will allow you to enhance anything you do. This class is a two-day adventure after which most participants say they'll never be the same. And I mean that in the best way. Thank goodness. :) ~ If you're interested in learning how to improve your money story, your relationships, your health and wellness, or the power of your distance sessions, this class will help you with those things. ~ If you’re hoping to connect more deeply with your inner self, with others, and/or would like to improve self awareness and enhance intuition - you'll look back after you finish this class and realize that signing up was one of the best decisions you've ever made. ~Included when you take this class is a 30-day program of weekly calls, post-class support and study groups in person or via zoom. See above to learn payment info. ~ SECURING YOUR SPOT IN THIS CLASS is a two step process. 1) Pre-register here. 2) Make your payment. - Venmo: @LauraMitchellWilde - Zelle: - Check: let me know and I’ll send the address. - PayPal:

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