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Johns Creek, GA USA


Class price is discounted to $650 for the first 10 registered attendees. All second time/repeat students pay $199. Confirming your spot in this class is s two step process. 1) Pre-register here. 2) Make your payment (in order of preference): - Venmo: @LauraMitchellWilde - Zelle: - Check: let me know and I’ll send the address. - PayPal: - Credit Card: Text 310.592.9053 to set up a time to pay by phone. Payment plans are available. Text 310.592.9053 if you have questions.


Class begins at 11:30 am e.s.t. and 8:30 am p.s.t. Join the IBA’s very own NBA Mental Performance coach Laura Mitchell Wilde. ~Laura has used her MindScape Practice to create a successful and lucrative career outside of her BodyTalk and MindScape teaching practice - She works with top NBA players, coaches, execs, and other pro athletes in their quest for a World Championship. ~ Laura can help ANYONE regardless of status or life interests - feel great and create. ~Her work with elite athletes has given her a perspective on what is required to be excellent. She will share this with you so your MindScape experience up-levels your life! ~Using MindScape, BodyTalk and her own special blend, Laura also trains individual WNBA, NFL and MLB athletes to mental resilience and consistency. ~ Let her show you how to bring out your inner athlete and goal getter! People report breaking through huge mental barriers and self sabotage tendencies after class. ~She’ll share her methods and help you go BEYOND your own perceived potential. She’ll share her methods for helping YOU make your dreams come true. The end of day Sunday includes a bonus metaphysical portion to further enhance your class experience. ~Did you know that many MindScape students say they’re better parents, students, athletes, dancers, or healthcare practitioners after they learn this incredible and priceless work? ~ Truly - this two day excursion into the hidden gems of your mind will allow you to enhance anything you do. This class is a two-day adventure after which most participants say they'll never be the same. And I mean that in the best way. Thank goodness. :) ~ If you're interested in learning how to improve your money story, your relationships, your health and wellness, or the power of your distance sessions, this class will help you with those things. ~ If you’re hoping to connect more deeply with your inner self, with others, and/or would like to improve self awareness and enhance intuition - you'll look back after you finish this class and realize that signing up was one of the best decisions you've ever made. ~Included when you take this class is a 21-day follow up program of daily emails to help you integrate, plus post-class support and study groups in person or via zoom. See above to learn payment info. ~ SECURING YOUR SPOT IN THIS CLASS is a two step process. 1) Pre-register here. 2) Make your payment. - Venmo: @LauraMitchellWilde - Zelle: - PayPal: Credit card: Please see and visit the store to sign up for MindScape. Use the code MAGIC to get $100 off. The code MAGIC will work as long as you are in the first 10 signups.

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