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Be You Global Health and Wellness Centre
5 Farrow Avenue
Randpark Ridge, GP South Africa


Monitors: R500.00. If you have done the course before but would like to brush up on the techniques.


Prior health knowledge is not required. Course fee includes: - Colour digital manual - Certificate of attendance. An open mind, enthusiasm and curiosity will allow us all to have a wonderful learning experience in how the body can heal itself. Course Description: The five energy medicine techniques that make up the BodyTalk Access course include:
• -Cortices, to help improve right and left brain communication
• -Switching, to help decrease stress
• -Hydration, to help the body utilise water more efficiently
• -Body Chemistry, to help balance the immune system
• - Reciprocals, to help re-establish integrity of the body’s structures, improve postural alignment; increase flexibility and circulation of fluids and energy.

You will learn these five basic BodyTalk Access techniques that can be combined into a daily regimen which, when applied, has a significant impact on our health. 

Fast Aid:
 Fast Aid Protocol that can be used to support Standard First Aid procedures during emergencies to rapidly speed up the healing process and reduce shock.

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