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If you've taken MindScape before, you are eligible for a 50% discounted rate of $370 CAD+GST. No IBA membership is required. IBA Life Science members who have taken MindScape before pay $370 CAD +GST. IBA Standard members who have taken MindScape before pay $185 CAD+GST. *In order to be eligible IBA member rate, you must be a standard member. Visit to complete your payment.


Join us for a mind-opening, heart-expanding course that teaches you to unleash the magnificent intuitive powers of your mind and gives you techniques to harness this potential with incredible benefits. During the course, you will learn how to lead yourself into a relaxed state of mind where you build a mental “Workshop.” Then, you will be led through guided practice to employ a variety of useful techniques in your Workshop. MindScape teaches you how to harness the power of your intuition so that you can tap into it whenever you want to, and utilize it however you want to. There will be a theory webinar to watch the week prior to the course. Kristin will send out details one week before the course with the information to access the webinar. MindScape Online will be offered via Zoom. This is an interactive class, therefore, you will need to have a reliable internet connection and video/audio connectivity to participate.  Vancouver PST 7am-3pm; Sask CST 9am-5pm; New York/Toronto EST 10am-6pm. ENROLMENT IS LIMITED. REGISTER ASAP!

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