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Commit to your personal evolution well in advance to claim these earlybird rates: Early Earlybird rate: First 6 who register + pay in full more than 3 weekd before scheduled class date pay $888 CAD (taxes included). Earlybird rate: Register 2+ weeks before seminar date, $999 CAD (taxes included). For those who have already taken AdvMS with another instructor, you may receive the rate of $777 CAD (taxes in) ONLY when you register + pay more than 2 weeks before the seminar date. Monitor spots are limited. To pay in USD, please contact us to pay via PayPal. visit *IBA Membership is required to attend advanced classes.


ONLINE AND IN PERSON in Warman, SK. Get ready to stretch your synapses with this brand-new Advanced MindScape class created by Kristin Pierce! This powerful, new Advanced MindScape course will allow you to playfully open your mind, heart, and senses up to the possibilities that exist all around you. Register early to get the best rate. Your growth is worth investing in. You've already taken MindScape, so you understand the incredible potential that each of us possess. During this three-day course, powerful insights and aha moments will stretch the synaptic connections of your neuropathways, loosening rigid and limiting beliefs to rewire your brain to new possibilities while creating space for your very own potential to shine through to your conscious awareness. You’ll be led deeper into the theory of the mind while adding tools and techniques to your MindScape workshop and learn how to access MindScape on demand and with your eyes open. This powerful class will spark a quantum shift in your understanding of self and will provide awareness for supporting yourself on your journey. Learn more at Time Zone Conversion: 7am-1 pm PST - Vancouver 9am-3pm CST - Central 10am-4pm EST 3pm - 9pm LONDON UK

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