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AB Canada


Early Bird Rate is $1,395 including GST if students are registered and paid 3 weeks prior to class. Monitors rate is $375 for IBA members, $750 for non-IBA members, including GST.


Sherry's BodyTalk Fundamental seminar includes significant practice time for integration, learning tools to accommodate all learning styles and continued support to all participants. Sherry provides study groups to all her student to ensure continued growth and development as well as to assist in any technical or clinical challenges they may encounter. She runs CBP Exam preparation study groups a few times throughout the year that provides easy to manage study guidelines to assist with the overwhelm that can occur when preparing for exams. This study group is rich with independent learning study tools and group meetings to have questions answered. Included in the study group there are 5 group BodyTalk sessions and we have many Certified Practitioners join in to receive sessions for a very reasonable rate! The meetings are available online or by conference call to help bridge geographical issues for students and all meetings are recorded to accommodate all schedules anywhere in the world! Every class is encouraged to set up their own local study groups which Sherry will be available via Zoom to serve as a resource for the group :) Fundamentals is an amazing way to heal, learn and grow. All prices included GST, a beautiful comprehensive digital manual, and certificate of completion. There are soft covered manuals available to students upon request for $125 USD plus shipping. Upon registering you will receive an invoice for payment within 3 days. Should you not receive an invoice please contact the coordinator or Sherry.

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