Allison Bachmeier

Ms. Allison Bachmeier

B.Sc., B.A., CBI, BAT, BrI, CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP


11 MacKenzie Cres

Saskatoon, SK S7J 2R3

Phone: 306-280-8264


Allison Bachmeier lives and breathes the philosophy underlying FreeFall, BreakThrough and BodyTalk and is experienced in guiding students through both professional and personal transitions, both of which transpire in tandem with addressing the root cause of conflict.  Extensive education in the body and the mind, including a B.Sc in Anatomy, B.A. in Psychology and 2.5 years of medical school, followed by a personal health crisis led to the discovery of consciousness based medicine, namely The BodyTalk System and BreakThrough & FreeFall.

Allison is committed to facilitating health and working with all to fully embrace life as it is.  Can you remember a time when life was enough?  When you were enough?  What if it was possible to live that way now?  What if looking at your pain was the doorway to that place?   Allison invites you to come explore your conflict and struggle to see what it’s really telling you and to find possibilities where you thought there were none. 

Many struggle to attain some ‘better place’ of health, joy, peace, etc.  This, as well as any, type of balance is an impossible illusion to attain - and thank goodness it is!  If you had balance all the time without any ups and downs your diagram of life would be a straight line __________.  This is actually a diagram of death, if a nurse saw that in the ER they’d get pretty worried.  The irony is you need the ups and downs to live fully, yet struggle against them and beat yourself up when you’re ‘out of balance’, which is actually an odd way of saying you’d rather flat-line than experience life, whether it be ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  With a shift in understanding, life’s roller-coaster nature with ups and downs can be embraced totally with fully experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly.  That way harsh judgments of yourself can finally cease, along with judgment of others – when that happens, life is experienced as less stressful and then a much truer sense of health can be experienced.

Allison’s strong interest in personal transformation is continuously nurtured by dynamically applying BodyTalk, MindScape, BreakThrough and FreeFall to both her professional and personal life.  She is an active student in the PaRama College and stays abreast of the latest research, developments and techniques by continuously training with founder of BodyTalk & FreeFall, Dr. John Veltheim and founder of BreakThrough, Esther Veltheim. 

Allison’s focus and commitment lie in facilitating optimal health by addressing the root cause of conflict. She is currently instructing internationally and operating a BreakThrough & BodyTalk clinic full-time. Allison is available for private sessions, lectures, seminars as well as to travel to teach BodyTalk Fundamentals, BodyTalk Access and FreeFall seminars. To make an appointment for a session, a consultation or inquire about having a training course near you, Allison can be reached via phone at (306) 280-8264 or email at

Please visit her video presentation on her Body Story at:

Student Testimonials:
-The atmosphere of this class was one of calm and collected.  Allison shared her expertise in a clear, concise and informative manner with a humble attitude and helpful way.  I would love to take any course that she would be teaching and highly recommend her to anyone.

-Allison's diverse background in medicine and shared personal experiences created a rich learning environment.  Her honesty throughout the course regarding her life journey as an individual and in her experiences as a BodyTalk learner and practitioner was invaluable.  She is personable and real - a joy to learn from.  Thank you, Allison.

-Instantly I began to feel shifting this morning and continued throughout the day.

-This course (BodyTalk Fundamentals) was absolutely amazing.  I have never had so many "shifts"!  I could probably fill a couple of pages about how much I love BodyTalk, instead I will say it has changed my life, and how I see life!

-I really like the visual pictures - opening the anatomy book, and again your clear teaching method.  I feel comfortable asking questions as you make us feel like "no question is a dumb question".

Student Testimonials on BodyTalk Access:
-Allison is an amazing instructor.  She keeps you interested and intrigued throughout the entire seminar.  She is a vault of BodyTalk knowledge.  Access is absolutely a seminar everyone should take!  A Vital tool to empower people to take their health and well-being into their own hands!

-The Access course was very helpful to understand how my BodyTalk Practitioner helps me.  It will help me get more out of my regular BodyTalk sessions.

-After day one I did the first 4 steps on my daughter.  Then we went for an hour long walk.  Initially she was feeling sad, gloomy, tired and unmotivated.  After BodyTalk she felt a bit better and by the end of the walk she was feeling happy and setting goals.

-Even after taking Module 1 & 2 with Allison twice, I chose to take Access with her as well.  Allison continues to be a wealth of knowledge with new perspectives presented.  The analogies used are always entertaining and useful.  Thanks so much!

Student Testimonials on Monitoring BodyTalk Fundamentals:

-I loved monitoring your course.  I picked up on so many new items I missed last time.  I now feel very comfortable with all the material - even though I know every time I read the manual or monitor, I will continue to learn.  I absolutely love EVERYTHING about the way you teach the course - your ideas, your personality, your class space.

-I really appreciated getting to thoroughly explore those details that needed reviewing, or I missed, forgot or mixed up from the first time through the course.

-Taking  BodyTalk Fundamentals again with Allison was fantastic.  It felt like a new course but a great review.  Allison brought new information and different angles of presentation of the material.  Thank you so much!


Contact Information: For clinic appointments, seminars or presentations contact Allison Bachmeier @ 306.280.8264 or  Learn more at her website

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