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This is an opportunity for anyone to partake in a group BodyTalk session with the Founder of BodyTalk. These sessions will be done at a distance over Livestream and are offered in a series of three.

Group Session 1: Fasting
This session will start with a discussion on the basics of the one-day fast. It will look at the pros and cons of fasting in general, as well as what treatments can be done to facilitate the fasting process. As a practitioner, it will teach you when fasting may be a good recommendation for clients, and when it should be avoided. At the end of the discussion, John will perform a group session for all livestream attendees with a focus on fasting dynamics within the body.

Group Session 2: Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide, also sometimes known as hydrogen dioxide (H2O2) is an essential chemical when it comes to the health of our bodies and the entire planet. The session will start with a discussion on the vast and far-reaching importance of hydrogen peroxide as a potent oxidizer for all forms of life. Hydrogen peroxide is produced more than any other chemical in the body and plays an indispensable role. Many people are compromised in their ability to make adequate levels of H2O2. The lack of this chemical is associated with immune disorders and persistent viruses, as it is the only thing that kills viruses in the system. The discussion will also address how to supplement H2O2 and encourage its production through BodyTalk. The group session will focus on optimizing the production and use of hydrogen peroxide in the body for all livestream attendees

Group Session 3: Care of Intestinal Tract
This group session will start with a discussion on effective strategies for the care of the intestinal tract. It will discuss warning sign and indications of poor digestive health, as well as the pros and cons of techniques like colonic irrigation. The course will examine ways to promote a healthy digestive system via various methods and through BodyTalk. The discussion will look once again at the methods presented in the first two group sessions in the series (Fasting and Hydrogen Dioxide) and their influence on digestive health. The group session will focus on intestinal tract health for all livestream attendees.

This course counts for 5 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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