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Although the BodyTalk System can be found in many countries, and BodyTalk Practitioners are all over the world, access to regular BodyTalk for Animals sessions are not always available. Fortunately, people living in these areas can still have access to some of the benefits of BodyTalk for Animals through the BodyTalk Access for Animals program.

BodyTalk Access for Animals techniques can be applied within a clinical setting for licensed veterinarians, vet technicians, shelter workers and other trained professionals. BodyTalk Access for Animals can also be learned by virtually anyone to use with their own animal companions at home. There are five basic BodyTalk for Animals techniques that can be combined into a daily regimen which, when applied, has a significant impact on an animal’s health status.

When people first use the BodyTalk Access for Animals program, they notice changes in the general health and stress status of their animal companions. Sometimes the changes are dramatic, i.e. a highly agitated animal calms down immediately. Sometimes the improvements are gradual and do not register for a number of weeks, i.e. an animal’s severely itchy skin becomes healthier and the animal ceases obsessive scratching habits.

Once an animal’s health has stabilized into a healthier pattern, the preventive capabilities of the techniques help maintain that balance, preventing new health issues from arising. The Access techniques can also be used to complement an animal’s veterinarian care and accelerate healing.

In addition, BodyTalk Access for Animals can be used to enhance performance and reduce anxiety. For instance, if you are working on training your dog, Access can be used to increase its ability to pay attention and learn quickly. Because BodyTalk Access for Animals can be used to reduce nervousness of an animal, the techniques can be a tremendous tool for animal health care professionals to calm their anxious clients, increasing the animal’s comfort and the safety of the staff.

BodyTalk Access for Animals program includes a first-aid protocol, called Fast Aid, that can be used in an emergency situation. The BodyTalk for Animals Fast Aid protocol can help stabilize your animal while getting it to emergency veterinarian care.

In effect, BodyTalk Access for Animals gives access to:

  • The convenience and effectiveness of the BodyTalk Access for Animals System is a compact form.

  • We introduce BodyTalk for Animals techniques in areas where the BodyTalk for Animals System has not yet penetrated and/or medical aid for animals is scarce.

  • A set of energy therapy tools that can be safely brought into your home to benefit the health of your animals.

  • Effective techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into the clinical setting of licensed animal health-care professionals.

  • A BodyTalk Access for Animals first aid protocol to help animals in accidents or emergency situations.

This course counts for 16 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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