Family Systems Evaluation

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In 2004, Dr. John Veltheim approved he development and instruction of this BodyTalk elective course by Dr. Jeanette Bevilacqua. It’s purpose is to provide an in depth knowledgebase of Family Dynamics, and the development of emotional response in functional and dysfunctional family systems. This supports advanced study, as well as providing a context to utilize the concept of family in our Protocol and Procedures, particularly for beginning practitioners.

Students will also have the opportunity to refine interviewing skills and data collection techniques through the utilization of the multigenerational family genogram. There are opportunities for BodyTalk sessions clarifying unresolved mirror issues. Discover how you can adapt this information to enhance your BodyTalk practice.

Family Systems Evaluation holds IBA elective course status for 21 credits and is open ?only to BodyTalk Practitioners. This course has been expanded to 3 full days offering you additional content, multiple practice sessions and energy experiential “constellation– like” exercises.

All BodyTalkers are welcome, regardless of level of study. IBA membership is strongly recommended but not required. Family Systems Evaluation expands the content in Module 6 and 9, and can be an incentive for advanced study for basic students. PaRama? participants will have the opportunity to integrate this incredible content into your advanced practice, taking your sessions to greater height by exploring the depth. Remember, the more you know, the deeper you go

ALL Body Talkers Welcome

No Prerequisites

IBA Membership Recommended - Not Required

21 Credit Elective Course

1. Explore how complex family dynamics and dysfunctional patterns of emotion and behavior influence health, disease and personality dynamics across the generations utilizing Murray Bowen's Family Systems method.

2. Take your BodyTalk practice to new depths by utilizing the Genogram, a multigenerational family tree, designed to collect and arrange your client’s actual history and perception of their life events. Discover how you can implement this information into your BodyTalk practice. This data collection and organizational tool ?has evolved into an energy protocol itself. Experience how you can ‘scan” the? Genogram identifying and balancing complex links within and among the generations? a truly fascinating experience!

3. Complete a multigenerational Genogram on each other in preparation for a ?BodyTalk session, addressing unresolved "mirror" issues. Even though we know our ?own story, the ability to verbalize it, visualize it and BodyTalk it within a session is an ?incredibly dynamic experience. Therefore start collecting family facts and information and photos. You don't need to know a lot about your family history forth is to work, so don’t let that stop you. Start now to change those multigenerational? patterns that will go "down stream" unless corrected consciously and through the? BodyTalk healing process.

4. Explore energy fields by experiencing kinesiological responses to positive and? negative stimuli. In addition, you will have the opportunity to experience the energy of family dynamics by selectively participating in role play “constellation- like” exercises.

5. Expand your knowledge of mental health conditions designed to enhance your? confidence, competence and safety in dealing with potentially complex client situations. Learn the basis of a mental health assessment. Take this opportunity to ask all your pertinent questions, and expand your interview, data collection and professional practice skills.

This course counts for 21 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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