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Kitchener-Waterloo Holiday Inn
30 Fairway Rd S,
Kitchener, ON N2A 2N2 Canada Phone: 519 893 1211


U$70 early bird discount = 2 months before class = May 27, 2018 U$100 discount for monitors at the early bird discount date. U$100 discount for couples - if they pay at the early bird date. CC will be charged one day after the early bird discount date. After May 27th, the price to be charged is U$700. 2 monthly payments - U$350 before the class (anytime) and U$350 on the month of the class.


FREEFALL APPLICATION CRITERIA PLEASE APPLY DIRECTLY WITH THE COORDINATOR OR INSTRUCTOR. SOMETIMES THE APPLICATION FORM AT THE IBA SITE IS NOT WORKING!! The FreeFall Seminar accepts 14 participants based on a thorough screening process by the Application Committee. Your commitment to the Application process is complete in these 3 easy steps. All documents must be received before they are reviewed for confirmation. 1) A Photo- Please send a recent photo-prefer full length and head shot 2) The Application - Please clearly express your interest in FreeFall and why you want to participate in this seminar. 3) Payment Form - Contact instructor to receive the payment form. Transactions will not be processed until 3 weeks prior to class - unless specified on form with a specific date. * Confirmations will be sent to all pre-registrations who have sent in applications and Payment Form. Due to limited enrollment in this seminar, please ensure you pre-register early to avoid disappointment...

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