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On-Line, SK Canada


There is a one time special offer of $500 for the first 8 to register. I'll put up a note when 8 are registered, if you're still seeing this the special offer is currently available for you. You'll be invoiced via PayPal and can pay by cc, PayPal itself or etransfer, whatever's easiest for you. The earlybird price will be $650 after the first 8 and will be available until one week prior to course start date. Click here to pay.


This course will now be taught on-line. We will check with you after you register to determine your preference, which you can change at anytime. This will be a live event, audio recordings are permissible. Allison's BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration seminar includes review of all concepts in the Fundamentals course as well as diving deeper into the additional advanced techniques including advanced meridian and nervous system work. We will spend a significant amount of time on how to explain BodyTalk in the contexts of new clients, doing sessions, even holding a presentation or creating a video to market yourself amongst general business development, marketing. You'll additionally receive a one-on-one opportunity to discuss your approach to growing your business and suggestions of how to streamline that, while taking advantage of the know-how of how to see around obstacles or problems that can commonly plague new practitioners. Business and marketing are not one size fits all, let's find the best approach for what works for you and your needs, together. Take full advantage of my experience in successfully building a business in BodyTalk that serves in-person, distance work and on-line opportunities equally. Complimentary online study groups are available on a regular basis post-seminar to enhance student engagement and success. Allison also offers a audio and video review course for support exam prep and mastery of the basics. Fundamentals Integration is the rocket fuel to expand your knowledge, your healing and your intuition alike. Please remember this course will count as a second attendance of Fundamentals an make you eligible to sit the Fundamentals Exam. All times are in MDT time zone. Information about requirements is available from the coordinator. This will be a live event, audio recordings are permissible. All prices subject to tax. Follow-up support in the form of complimentary study tele-calls and access to a students resource section on my personal website is provided to all students regardless of their BodyTalk Instructor. Allison is most known for her professionalism while delivering the material in a light-hearted manner steeped in opportunity for both personal and professional transformation. There will be ample time to learn in three different ways, hearing the material, seeing it demonstrated and having ample practice time which also affords the opportunity to receive and heal.

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