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Your Space For Wellness
Randburg, Gauteng South Africa


Pay an early bird price of R16 500 as opposed to R17 500 by paying a 25% (R4125) deposit by the end of November 2019. All monies are to be paid in full by the end of February. Cancellation policies apply.


A rare treat in SA! Taryn has trained, mentored and examined students in BodyTalk Fundamentals since 2006, and now teaches this incredible course over 5 days as opposed to the regular 4 days. Why the extra day? Because she cares about the student's feedback which consistently requested that the course be made longer than 4 days. Why? Simply put; there is a lot to absorb! Fundamentals is a jam packed amazing course! You will receive a certificate of attendance and college quality text book valued at R4000 (included in the course fee). You will learn how to muscle check, basic anatomy and physiology, philosophy and key concepts, 135 possibilities of healing techniques, new procedures and protocols. The course structure centers around delivering theory, demonstrating techniques in front of the class, experiencing short sessions and healing, as well as supervising practice time of EACH technique by EVERY student. Taryn's course objective has always been to encourage confidence in the student, have students experience "being in the zone", and to deliver the material in as simple a way as possible; and in the most memorable way. Having fun and being playful, curious and adventurous is encouraged. There are no silly questions, and questions and active participation is necessary and encouraged. You will be amazed to receive, experience, witness and perform some amazing healing shifts in class! This class has been known to change lives. Students take on average 6 months to qualify as CBP's (Certified BodyTalk Practitioners.) What are the pre-requisites to certifying? All that is required, is to: ** Become an IBA member (International BodyTalk Association Member at $150/year) **Resit the 5-day course at 25% of the normal fee, or take the Fundamentals Integration 3-day course at R6000 which is a non-structured format revising the material, and adding interesting and exciting extra bits of information. ** You will also be required to document session notes; recording 50 BodyTalk Sessions on a minimum of 15 different people. ** Your exam mentoring and guidance along the way by your instructor is free and included in your $250 exam fee (R3750). This exam fee is encouraged to be paid in 3-part installments: ** An immediate R950 payment after the course. ** Another R950 payment two to three months later when you start submitting session notes for marking ** And the 50% balance of R1900 to be paid on the day of your exam. You can also charge R200 per session (whilst in-training), making your income R10 000. This means by the time you certify, you will have earned your exam fee back, as well as having repaid yourself 42% back for your Fundaments course (R15 500). A lucrative and rewarding career awaits you, and I look forward to holding your hand along this exciting journey! All my love, Taryn

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