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HK, Asia, Australia
Hong Kong


Seminar Fee- (HKD10900); (AUD1900); (GBP1045)
Philippines -(Peso 55000)

Early Bird Discount price until Jan 13th
(HKD8900); (AUD1560); (GBP845)
Philippines- (Peso 45000)

HKD2000 off! For registration and payment by Jan 13th

Please make your secure payment to Angie Tourani via this link
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Seminar Time-
Hong Kong, Perth, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia GMT+8
(3.30p.m -9.00p.m);
UK (7.30a.m-1.00p.m);
Spain (8.30a.m-2.00p.m);
India (1.00p.m -6.30p.m);
Sydney (5.30p.m-11.00p.m);

The seminar includes - a manual, certificate & Online post-seminar support sessions.