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USA, Asia, HK


Seminar Fee- (USD1400) (HKD10900); (AUD1900);

Early Bird Discount price for 1st 8 students registered and paid by Feb 15th - (USD1000); (HKD7800); (AUD1325) - USD400 OFF!
Early Bird Discount price until March 15th
(USD1200) (HKD9300); (AUD1590); - USD200 OFF!

Cancellation Policy - USD100 cancellation fee applies or funds used towards future class
The class will be confirmed once we achieve our minimum numbers

Please make your secure payment to Angie Tourani via this link
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Seminar Date & Time-
Hong Kong, Perth, Asia GMT+8
April 17-19 & 24-26 (8.00a.m -1.30p.m);
Sydney April 17-19 & 24- 26(10a.m- 3.30p.m);
USA - California April 16-18 & 23-25 (4.00p.m-9.30p.m);

The seminar includes - a manual, certificate & Online post-seminar support sessions.