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Environmental Influence on Disease (1:44)

In order to have a lasting effect on disease we must learn to take into account all causative factors to disease. The fact is that the environment in which people live has a profound effect on the body/mind and needs to be a part of the healing process.

BodyTalk John Veltheim

The Formative Years (3:21)

Classically, the formative years are the first few years of life (birth to age 4) in which we adopt the majority of our belief systems that eventually define our character and influence our reaction to life. Recently, however, it seems that many of these belief systems also stem from our experience during fetal life.

BodyTalk John Veltheim

Treating the Family Unit (6:59)

Discover how health issues in children can be related to stress within the parents and/or the family unit and that treatment for the parents might be necessary to help with the children's health concerns.

BodyTalk John Veltheim

BodyTalk and Sports (5:28)

Maximizing sports performance involves many complex factors and if any one of these factors is off, it can influence the ability of the athlete to succeed. One of these key factors includes the ability to coordinate complex movements. Learn how BodyTalk can help fine tune the coordination patterns involved in all sports performance.

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