Anne-Laure Jozan

Mrs. Anne-Laure Jozan



Le BodyTalk Clinic
Royal Square Medical Center #14-01
Singapore, Singapore 329565

Phone: +65 6836 1754


Anne is from France and currently works in Singapore as a BodyTalk therapist on one hand and as a content manager on the other hand. 

Anne is a Reiki Master and has been versed in energy medicine for the last 15 years. It has profoundly changed her life allowing her to become a mother of 3 children while it was said to be impossible! 
On her path to healing, she discovered BodyTalk and subsequently embarked on training with the BodyTalk System. 

As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Anne runs a busy 2-day clinic when she is not in the office.

Le BodyTalk with Anne-Laure
"I believe in our body’s ability to heal itself.
I am also convinced that we carry in our body our whole story, which can be transferred to our lineage."

BodyTalk technique listens to our inner priorities and that’s why I find it so efficient. As a Practitioner, I am acting as a translator to help the body to speak out what needs to be balanced, restoring communication so that the body can heal more easily.

I’ve experienced various healing techniques, facing fertility issues myself. 
My first surgery happened when I was 3 months old. I was told as a teen that I will probably not be able to have kids. So when I met the one… I had to work it out a lot and it took a while for my body and my mind to shift. I was eventually able to give birth to 3 lovely children.

This fantastic healing journey gave me the will to help others feel better whatever they are facing in their life. I have embraced BodyTalk as I am convinced after trying so many different healing techniques that it is one of the most efficient ever.

I was already able to help more than 100+ persons to balance different issues such as the physical ones like scars and reconstruction tissues, back, knee, joints… pain, insomnia, teeth clenching, eye allergy, and also the emotional ones like stress and traumas.
I don’t even need to know exactly what is worrying you as long as you and your body knows what we are working on. At its own rhythm, the body is able to shift and release stress and you are feeling much better if not fully cured.
I’ve also been able to help persons cope better with difficult issues in their health (auto-immune diseases, cancer…) and in their lives (divorce, fertility…).
Sometimes we just need to be in peace with whatever we are facing.

For the record, I am a Certified Professional BodyTalk Practitioner since 2018 and I have completed the following BodyTalk modules:
- Modules 1&2: BodyTalk Fundamentals
- Module 3: Principles of Consciousness
- Module 4(7): BioDynamics

- Module 6: Macrocosmic
- Module 9: Matrixes 

- BodyEcology
- Orthopedic Evaluation 1
- Fascial Energetics 1
- MindScape

- Practicing Reiki since 2009, I am a certified Usui Reiki Master.
- Trained to the emotional body work of the Actors’ Studio in Paris and LA.
- Following Arnaud Colin’s teachings about the Alchemy of Life and how to be in the present moment (which is challenging in this world, I must say).

I am happy to meet you soon,
Anne Laure

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