Helen Behrmann

Helen Behrmann

LMT, Quick Pulse & Advance Pulse, CBP, Parama BP


95-6053 konohiki street

Waiohinu , HI 96772

Phone: 808-929-9275


 Trainings I have taken:

Fundamental Integration, Principles of Consciousness, Bio-Dynamics, Macrocosmic Bodymind, Matrix Dynamics, Advance body chemistry, OrthoEvaluation for Bodytalkers, Structural Intergration for Bodytalkers, FreeFall , Mindscape, Mind crystal,  ParamaPhilosophy -Right Brain, Finding Health, Eastern Medicine, Body Ecology, Plant Bodytalk, San Baio, ParamaCollege Unit One -Parama Unit One Practical &  Parama Unit Two & Parama Unit two practical  Parama unit 2 B

 Bodytalk became part of my life/practice in 1999.I had been exploring the bodymind and while working on clients I noticed that their physical pain was manifesting from somewhere deeper  than just the physical body even though there was physical onset such as an accident or work related injury. Obviously the symptoms were gone but in some clients I still saw the stress present that may have been a contributing factor for their accident. I have been working professionally since 1988 as a licensed massage therapist. In this time i became fascinated by learning more & more. So i attended many workshops that gave me more effective techniques to address client's pain. I found that the more i learned the more i did not know, that the bodymind is an amazing miracle & complex with many different influencing factors. What i was seeing in client's physical manifestations was just the tip of the iceberg of what actually were the causative factors. So Bodytalk appeared naturally as the next step and the results from the work have been far reaching for my client's & myself.

Bodytalk sessions continue to shift where i am & where my clients are. It continues to be a process with the quality of one's health improving allowing the recipients to gain greater access to that who they are, not the symptoms, labels & beliefs that they have identified with from lifes experiences. The results being an overall improved health & outlook on life. The human potential is more easily expressed, whether being able to move without pain or being able to walk down the road with an inner lightness & awareness.

I see client's in my office in a small rural town in Hawaii called Waiohinu, located on the Big Island.  I am also offering long distance sessions. Sessions are offered which address many physical ailments as well as emotional & reconnection  with that part of oneself that has always called to be seen. Client's are a testimony to the work & i offer that to you as well. My office # 808 929 9275.



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