Wendy Nelson

Ms. Wendy Nelson



424 Utica Ave

Boulder, CO 80304

Phone: 303-335-0305


Wendy Nelson has been in healthcare practice for twenty-five years, combining both Western and Eastern approaches to physical, mental and spiritual well-being.   Wendy is a Somatic Therapist, Registered Massage Therapist, Asian Bodywork Therapist, Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist and Hypnotherapist as well as a Certified Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner and PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner.   She is also a certified Qigong teacher and has been a Buddhist meditation instructor for over 30 years.


Background and Training

Wendy’s background in Somatic Psychotherapy includes a Master’s degree in Counseling plus post-graduate programs in Hakomi Integrative Somatics, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Body-Mind Integration and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  Her training in facilitated Journeywork includes training in Transpersonal and Archetypal Hypnotherapy, Mindscape, Linking Awareness  and guided imagery.

Her training in Asian Bodywork Therapy includes Jin Shin Do BodyMind Acupressure , Jin Shin Jyutsu  , Shiatsu, a four-year program in Chi Kung Healing Touch , Korean Hand Therapy, The Power of San Baio, and various forms of Qigong - ancient Chinese breathing and movement techniques.   Her training as a Massage Therapist has included advanced training in Biodynamic and Upledger Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Orthopedic Evaluation and Applied Kinesiology.    Wendy also has training in a variety of energy healing systems including Matrix Energetics , Polarity Therapy, Reiki, and Mietek Wirkus Bioenergy.   

Scope of Practice

Wendy specializes in BodyTalk at a distance, offering telephone and distance sessions to clients all over the globe, and she also offers in-person sessions at her office in Boulder, Colorado.    Her particular specialties include fertility and hormonal balancing, immune system issues (autoimmune, chronic fatigue), surgery & chemotherapy support, anxiety & depression, self-esteem issues, at-risk and self-harming teens, children with behavior or emotional issues, and inherited conditions.  Each person receives a truly holistic treatment, uniquely suited to their individual needs.    BodyTalk  may be used by itself or artfully woven together with other modalities.  

To book a session with Wendy, click this link.  


Personal Notes

Wendy lives in the foothills of Boulder, CO with her husband and teenage son.   She has passion for her work, compassion for her clients, a gentle, healing touch and a deep respect for the uniqueness and pacing of each individual’s life journey.   Above all, she delights most in those moments when her clients feel empowered by connecting with their own intuition and inner wisdom.


About her practice, Wendy says, “As the years have progressed, I have learned the importance of being as much a witness as a healer.   Time and time again, the key to true healing is found by respecting my client’s innate ability to heal, and deeply listening to the inner wisdom that speaks in so many ways.  Sometimes that wisdom speaks through symptoms, and sometimes through posture, metaphor, intonation, gesture or subtle bio-feedback.   Invariably, the client's innate wisdom reveals something completely unpredictable and precisely tailored to their unique background and situation.   Thus reveled, the balancing process becomes far more effective than anything I could put together solely from my own knowledge and training!” 

For more information, check Wendy's website:  www.EnergyWisdom.com.  


You are warmly invited to contact Wendy for appointments, speaking engagements, or information on BodyTalk or Qigong classe,  Telephone:  303-335-0305.  

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