Haya Farah

Haya Farah




United Arab Emirates

Phone: 971508360576


Like many, I was born to a family inflicted with illnesses of the body and the heart. The heart didn’t love itself and the body bore the consequences. Growing up I didn’t know the link, but what I knew for sure, is that I didn’t want to die young or live a limited life due to illness and lack of reverence for self.

Being on this lifelong healing journey, I came across body talk a couple of years ago when I was at a crossroads in my life where I was questioning core beliefs about my identities and how I want to move forward, the burden of that confusion and anxiety was felt tremendously in my body. 

Surprised by the shifts, and the ways in which my body talk practitioner was able to hold space for me and figure things about my life that has shaped my biology, I knew I wanted to learn more but not necessarily become a practitioner but all of that changed when I did my first session. 

As a body talk practitioner, I believe this modality can be a core practice in the healing journey of many people but not necessarily the only one. 

We all have a different path that is completely ours. 

Body talk is right for you if your body is asking for it or you feel called. 

Bodytalk  is also right for you if you wanna treat the root causes of your illness and want to achieve overall wellbeing. 

Body talk is right for you if you want to understand how your body has kept the score of your life as Bessel Van Der Kolk says. 

Body talk is right for you if your body is saying no and you don’t understand yet what is it saying no to. 

If you get here, I hope you give yourself the gift of healing. If you want to book a session you can do that here: https://calendly.com/hayafarah/

One last thing, as a body talk and divine healing practitioner, my space is LGBTQI+ safe.

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