Michel Frances O'Hare

Michel Frances O'Hare



Black Mountain, NC

Phone: 8286209006


Michel Frances O'Hare

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner


Hi there :)

I started receiving BodyTalk sessions in 2019. For years, I had exhausted many other avenues seeking healing and I knew I needed some extra special attention when it came to unraveling the chains of my childhood. After only one session, I was blown out of the water. I had never experienced the opportunity for such profound healing. I no longer had to be the victim of my story; it was my choice. The resultant sense of freedom was/is indescribable. 

BodyTalk gets to the root of the issues and I found everything about it extremely fascinating. My mind had been changed. And I wanted to share this freedom with others. So, I embarked upon the journey of making BodyTalk a career. And with vigorous study, much guidance, and tons of support, I officially became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner!

And I Love it. I am super passionate when it comes to BodyTalk and personal healing. I’m currently taking advanced BodyTalk modules as fast as I can, and they’re amazing!

Each session with me is customized to what your BodyMind is ready to explore at that moment. To give you a chance to check BodyTalk out & see if I’m a good fit as your Practitioner, your first session with me is always free. After that I work on a sliding scale, because I believe that everyone should be able to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities BodyTalk has to offer.

Let's heal together! 

Take care,


Clinic Availability:

I see clients in-person in Black Mountain, North Carolina. I also offer distance sessions on Zoom or over the phone.


When I first heard of the BodyTalk system, I figured, why not. If you never try, you'll never know. I have tried so many traditional/conventional medical treatments & therapy, as well as non-traditional/alternative treatments & therapy.

With each BodyTalk session that I have, I'm blown away by both the accuracy of my body to give the information that it does & Michel's intuit ability with the information she receives. She's honest & as gentle as she needs to be with that information when giving it to you.  She doesn't just tell you a bunch of stuff. She gives you insight with substance or "meat" to it. Things you can focus on, work on & be done with, once & for all. She's given me accurate names, situations & dates of events in my life. She's compassionate, has a loving heart, is deeply understanding & open. Michel & the BodyTalk System taught me that you hold the power to your own healing.

Be ready to give 100%, dig deep (really deep), learn about the amazing intuitive abilities of your own body & learn new, healthier habits that will lead to lifelong changes. I'm excited & delighted to say that this is the beginning of a new life for me!”  Kelly Mattick, New York

"I have had multiple sessions with Michel and it had miraculous effects on my spirituality and physical health. She was able to get to the root of what I was experiencing and helped me relieve those energies. Not to mention her vibrant and loving energy is  healing on its own. Definitely give it a try! You will love it!"  Grace Brooks, Nebraska

“Little did I know when I met Michel, that I would be receiving BodyTalk sessions for FREE!!! And they’re amazing. Michel has really come into her heart, and found her calling since studying BodyTalk. Personally I’m incredibly grateful to BodyTalk, after all, I have to live with her!”   Chris O’Hare, Michel’s Husband, North Carolina


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