Carolyn Osborn

Carolyn Osborn

PaRama BP, CBP


6304 Enfield Ave

Encino , CA 91316

Phone: 818 776-8432


Carolyn Osborn, CBP, PaRama BP,  is passionately committed to guiding equestrian teams and performing artists to achieve their very best by unlocking their finest performance. By enabling them to find that extra edge to be more successful, while fine-tuning their confidence and performance, she assists them in achieving their desired level, knowing they did their best.       If you are looking for a proven professional who can guide you to address performance anxiety, stress and the ability to keep your focus, you have found the right person.         My mission and commitment is to be your Performance Mentor, by helping you put all the physical, emotional, and mental pieces together that allow you to create your optimal performance.      What lights me up about this work is knowing that, as your performance mentor, I am helping you unlock and attain your finest performance, so you know you have done your best in any amateur or professional competition, audition or live performance. As you focus on doing and being your best using my techniques, you will be more successful. Allow your inner star to shine forth!           My services are unique, in that I am able to work with you on a holistic level to bring your body, mind and spirit into a balanced and integrated whole.  When all these areas are in alignment, you make the most significant and lasting changes.

You are able to perform at your peak, full of confidence and fun! My job is to take the stress and anxiety out of your performance, no matter how big or small. 
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