Heather McQueen

Ms. Heather McQueen

Ph.D., CBP


201 Steele Street, Suite 201

Denver, CO 80206

Phone: 720.466.7252


Dr. McQueen's philosophy is one of collaboration with and great respect for her clients. Utilizing knowledge from Western theories of psychotherapy, pragmatic techniques based in research as well as long-standing well being traditions to offer clients insight and pathways towards authentic expression and emotional intelligence supportive of an empowered and fulfilling life. From the realm of Conscious Life Philosophies, her approaches are infused with empowerment, focus, creativity, and mindfulness offering a multidimensional venue of wisdom, nurturing, and the awakening of inner technology while one unpacks their authentic self and well being towards greater life satisfaction, increased competence, autonomy, and connection to an emotionally intelligent and meaningful life.

Dr. McQueen earned a Ph.D. in Psychology and offers a collective 25+ years of MindBody and Conscious Life Philosophy Empowerment experience (20 years post Master's degree). In 2012, she presented at International Psychology Conferences in China and Hong Kong and served as a presenter and Delegate with the American Psychological Association at the 2014 International Psychology and Health Conference in Havana, Cuba. Her approach as a trusted consultant and unlicensed psychotherapist integrates various techniques, philosophies, and practices to guide and collaborate with you on your journey towards increased self-awareness, appreciation, and self-compassion while discovering what resilience and well being means to you.

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." -CG Jung
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