Cynthia Jones-McLellan

Ms. Cynthia Jones-McLellan

PGDipNutMed(Mental Hlth), RGNC, C.Counselling(JCU), CBP


Mantra Wellness Strategies

Sunshine Coast, QLD 4558

Phone: (+61) 0421 379 367


BodyTalk found me in 2007 and I certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner soon after.  

BodyTalk provides a method for accessing the health knowledge of the body's intelligence following a specific protocol. 

In complex health challenges and chronic disease story's this can provide a great way of establishing an energetic baseline from which to orientate a person towards health recovery.

I particularly like the approach of working with a person holistically in a broad way that uniquely addresses their own unique health needs, particularly where there is a history of trauma or intergenerational trauma within a family history.

This type of integrative complementary energy medicine is in harmony with the natural healing process of the body.

It affords opportunity to navigate issues and challenges confronting daily personal healthcare, in new and interesting ways that bring more deliberate awareness to the process of living more consciously and finding wellness.

Since 2011 I have worked with women survivors of complex trauma and their families.

Within this focus, trauma recovery has become my specialty along with working with the health challenges or diseases of trauma that can specifically be involved with this complex terrain inside of the body, mind and energetic fields of complex trauma survivors.  

Working with BodyTalk in this way I have found to be a reliable way to harmonize and balance the inside trauma story energetically with ongoing priorities for health and wellness, as needs change and arise.

Due to the complex nature of trauma, I currently work with the basics of BodyTalk which I find relevant and enough for building constant and consistent baseline energy profiles within moving dynamic and unpredictable trauma stories which can due to their inherent nature be big energetic interference stories on their own and physically demand stability and orientation that's grounding, embodying and harmonizing.

Additionally, I also have developed interests in working with neurodegenerative pathologies, tick borne diseases, brain health, mental wellness, and women's health; along with young adult students creative wellbeing and mental health.  I have previously worked in the private and public health systems in Australia as a registered nurse. 

My current passion is working with innate intelligence through energy medicine approaches such as BodyTalk that function within mind-body therapy paradigms as supporting healing and transformation while promoting health and positive change.

For more info you can email me -

BodyTalk: Fundamentals 1 & 2, Fundamentals Integration, Access, Mindscape, Adv. Protocol & Procedure, Finding Health 1, Principles of Consciousness.


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