Cynthia Jones-McLellan

Cynthia Jones-McLellan



Balance Point Place

Sunshine Coast, QLD 4558

Phone: (+61) 0421 379 367


BodyTalk provides a method for accessing the knowledge of the body mind awareness following a specific protocol. In complex health challenges this can provide a great way of establishing an energetic baseline from which to orientate a person towards health recovery.

I particularly like the approach of working with a person holistically in a broad way that uniquely addresses body-mind-subtle energy health and wellbeing priorities, while acknowledging the souls journey within daily life.

This is in harmony with the natural healing process of the body.

It affords opportunity to navigate issues and challenges confronting daily personal healthcare, in new and interesting ways that bring more consciousness to the process of living and being well.

In 2007 after completing Access and Fundamentals workshops with Lynette Favell, I certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner and have worked with the modality ever since.

Navigating midlife health issues I found over time that with each BodyTalk session (received), movements occurred not only with my health, but also in my life and my perception.  Everything integrated and flowed better according to my hopes and dreams, and this aligned more easily with my intuitive knowing.

Coming from a nursing background and having worked in different areas of healthcare both mainstream and complementary - I now always initially treat clients within the BodyTalk framework.

Since 2011, I've offered Distance only treatment sessions for children and young people - with an emphasis on brain, behaviour and coping.  Over time this focus has followed it's own journey of creative expression and now includes mental wellness challenges with specific orientation towards recovery of health and wellbeing.

Having worked, researched, studied and learned within the field of energy medicine for around twenty-five years, this is the safe treatment and intervention place and space, where this journey of discovery and healing enquiry has lead to.

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