Karen Trieloff

Karen Trieloff

CBP, Parama BP


2/209 Austin Rd
Glen Austin
Midrand, Gauteng 1683
South Africa

Phone: 082 87 123 77


A friend introduced me to Bodytalk. She had had many food allergies for as long as I had known her, but is now allergy-free after a few Bodytalk sessions.


I felt lethargic after a stressful period in my life, and went for a complete medical check-up to find out if I had anything wrong with me.  I had nothing wrong with me, but I still felt lethargic.  After 3 Bodytalk sessions, the subjective spring in my step returned.


I became curious as to how Bodytalk actually worked & started taking the courses & studying the material.  I have now completed five Bodytalk modules & I am still studying as I find Bodytalk completely fascinating


Please contact me to experience a Bodytalk session.




“After experiencing post multiple trauma stress and fatigue I have been told of Body Talk by Karen Trieloff and subsequently visited her for a treatment/session.  Afterwards I felt my energy levels picked up again and my body started to revive its rhythms.  Many thanks for contributing to my wellbeing and balance.”   Thea   



“Having had lower back pain and discomfort for some time, I saw Karen for the first time.  She worked on the muscles and within days the pain dissipated.  There has been no further pain and even my chiropractor has noticed a big improvement in my lower back.  The BodyTalk treatment has really worked.”  Jack Farham



“After one session of BodyTalk, I had no need for muscle relaxants (usually taken regularly).  I could move my body parts freely.  I also had less mood swings, and had lots of energy to do tasks around my home.”  E. King



“ I had discomfort in my left hip which affected my sleeping patterns & simple tasks like tying my shoe laces.  I no longer have this discomfort after a few BodyTalk sessions.”  J. Kuhn



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