Evelyn Endris

Evelyn Endris

BS Ed, CBP, Parama BP


Hills, IA



Evelyn Endris

People often think of themselves as one person, unlike anyone else. It is easy to forget 
that we are a cooperative effort of trillions of cells all working together so we can function as one human being. Each of those cells is capable of existing on its own, but it chooses to work with others. This benefits the cells by helping them compete for food, and it has allowed for the formation of all the more complex forms of living things, both plants and animals.

Even with trillions of cells working together, there are some jobs cells just don’t know

how to do. The microbiome is a complex microbial community which is perfectly designed 

to do things like digest food and help protect the body from other forms of microbes that can harm us. Mitochondria, which are involved in energy production, are actually microbes.

Through teamwork, cells and microbes take care of everything we need and we don’t even 

have to think about it!

If you can imagine a company with trillions of workers, and ten times as many support staff, you would have to have an excellent communications system to keep it running smoothly.

Fortunately, the human body has a great communications system. Most of the time it works just fine. It lets you know something is wrong by giving you pain signals or vomiting or diarrhea. 

Unfortunately, the cells don’t speak English, their native language is intuition, the same as animals and plants use to communicate.  Human babies are born with the ability to communicate intuitively, but often forget once they learn oral language.

I relearned intuitive language as an adult so that I could understand the messages the cells were sending. That way, I can address the underlying causes of illness, not just treat the symptoms.  I like to understand how the body works, and am fascinated with the 

possibilities for  healing when I incorporate the latest research on how cells interact within the body.  I have taken classes on the microbiome, the connection between the gut and the brain,  epigenetics, hormones and neurotransmitters. I have shelves full of books on what people can do to help their bodies heal and to stay healthy.  It is really about healing from the inside out! 


"I don't know how to describe what happens, but each time I get to work with Evelyn, I feel grounded, energized, and reconnected to my Self.  It's as if my body feels flooded with a light of remembrance!  Evelyn is passionate about gaining knowledge about the alignment of the physical and energetic bodies and she shares that practical research with her clients.  However, it's in the silence of the session that her unique intuitive work is integrated into a sweet, lasting and loving experience."  M.D.

"Evelyn has so much knowledge, and the ability to make the strange connections and piece together the unsolvable puzzles. She frequently updates her training and skills, so every session is fresh and focused."  G.D.

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