Wendy Shedden

Wendy Shedden

Reiki Master, BodyTalk to Animals Practioner, CBP



Perth , WA 6104

Phone: 0400151164


I have always been interested in the ‘human condition.’  .

For me it is an honour and a pleasure to assist others in their life journey.   

I also enjoy treating animals, especially horses. 

Bodytalk follows the priorities of the innate wisdom of each individual. It links thoughts, feelings, experiences and body processes and weaves a complex picture to be tapped out and communication is restored within your BodyMind.

BodyTalk accepts that the Body and Mind are not separate and that the BodyMind has the ability to heal itself if communication is restored  

BodyTalk is a wholistic approach, and assists healing on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  

 Each session is different and is individual to you and your story.

The results of a Bodytalk session are long lasting. Sometimes the effects are subtle and take longer, while other can be quick.  Each person is an individual and your innate wisdom knows what it needs for you to heal.

.I have completed modules 1,& 2 BodyTalk Fundamentals; Mod. 3, Principles of Conciousness; Mod. 4/7, Biodynamics;  Mod.6, Macrocosmic; Mod.8a BodyTalk for Animals; Mod.9, Matrix Dynamics;  Traditional Chinese Medicine for BodyTalk Practitioners and PaRama 1.

I've previously studied Access Conciousness - Bars and Body Processes,  the Silva Life System,  Bowen Therapy and Chakra Studies.  I am a Reiki Master and a senior Graduate of Landmark Education.  

In addition to being a BodyTalk Practitioner,I enjoy my family and being involved with Music, Fine Art and Natural Horsmanship.

I offer personal and distance Bodytalk sessions for adults, teens, children and animals..

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