Anne Marie Phelan

Mrs. Anne Marie Phelan



Bellgrove Lodge
Abbeyleix, Co. Laois, Ireland R32 HY11

Phone: 00353868112018


My journey with Bodytalk started after exhausting the conventional medicine route. Bodytalk, (Bodymind energy medicine) was huge leap of faith for me as I come from a traditional farming family in Tipperary where conventional medicine was all that would be considered. I worked in an IT Division of one of Ireland's largest banks for over 20 years. In 2001, I started experiencing blackouts, dizziness and fatigue, I spent over 2 years and £15,000 doing circles of XXXXXXXX Clinic trying to get answers, I was finally told that my symptoms were psychosomatic, I was so upset by this but it made me even more determined to get to the bottom of my symptoms. In 2003, I visited a Kinesologist who was also a Bodytalk Practioner, who advised that my body was overloaded with computer radiation, she recommended that I move building, I mentioned this to the Physician I was seeing and he duly requested a relocation. My employer facilitated this and my symptoms disappeared instantly. This was my initiation into energy medicine, I started studying energy in all forms - energy in buildings, land and finally in people. It was my own Bodytalk Practioner who facilitated my healing that encouraged me to study Bodytalk. I had became frustrated with conventional medicine when as a mother of 4 young kids, I had a path worn to my doctor. It wasn't working so I decided so I started studying Bodytalk as this had worked so well for me. It was a great move, my kids are healthy and well and I'm on hand to administer Fast Aid for those injuries and illnesses, I feel much more empowered to care for myself, my husband and my children. My studies were my hobby for many years, so after 16 years of studying many modalities I decided to take Bodytalk/Bodyintuitive practice to the next level, I am working at an advanced level and will achieve my Advanced Bodytalk Certification shortly. It's time to offer these therapies to more than just family and friends. It is timely as Bodytalk/Bodyintuitive treats Covid quite easily, sessions can be done in person or through distance session.

Courses Taken: 

  • BodyTalk Access
  • BodyTalk Fundamentals 
  • BodyTalk Principles of Consciousness
  • BodyTalk Bio Dynamics
  • BodyTalk Macrocosmic Bodymind
  • BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics
  • BodyTalk Lymphatic Drainage and Applied A & P
  • Bodytalk 3 Brains and the Souls Journey 
  • Bodytalk Advanced Integration
  • Bodytalk Direct
  • BodyIntuitive X
  • Advanced Topics for Bodyintuitives
  • Epigenetics for Bodyintuitive
  • Giving Voice to the Body A&P
  • Founder Treatment Intensives 
  • Mindscape 
  • Fascial Energetics
  • San Baio with Dr. Janet Galipo & Dr. Nancy Werner 
  • Phytobiophyics 
  • Heartlock Theory
  • Tissue Salts
  • Biogeometery
  • Spiritual Response Therapy 
  • Spiritual Restructuring Therapy 
  • Super Connect 1 & 2
  • Tuning forks
  • Feng Shui
  • Bazi Destiny Analysis
  • Numerology
  • Bars - Access Consciousness
  • Accunect Connect
  • Accunect Zoom 

Sessions available in person or online

Clinic days 
Tuesday - Friday and alternate Saturdays. 
Please phone for an appointment Telephone: 086 8112018
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