Jessica Ardeal

Jessica Ardeal

BodyTalk for Animals CBP-A, CBP


Appointments by Phone

or Skype, WI


Hi, I'm Jessica and happy to connect so that we can make sure working together will give you the results you are looking for. I've been facilitating 1-on-1 sessions for over 10 years and incorporate advanced BodyTalk course training and techniques. I love working with individuals like you that are  ready to reach out. Send an email and I'll look forward to hearing more about you and/or your animal companion(s)!  

BodyTalk Access 2008, 6.29 Glendale, WI                                                                      

Fundamentals - Part I 2008, 9.27-9.28 Chicago, IL                                             

 Fundamentals - Part II 2008, 10.11-10.12 Chicago, IL

Fundamentals Integration 2008, 12.12-12.14 Columbus, OH

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner Exam 2008, 12.29 Chicago, IL

Principles of Consciousness 2009, 6.28 Chicago, IL

Fundamentals – Part I & II 2010, 10.7-10.10 (monitor) Hartford, WI

Mindscape 2011, 6.10-6.12 Columbus, OH

BodyTalk for Animals 2011, 8.19-8.21 Missoula, MT

Bio-Dynamics 2013, 5.11-5.14 Calgary, Alberta Canada

Macrocosmic BodyMind 2013, 6.14-6.16 Philadelphia, PA

PaRama Unit 1 2013, 6.26 – present

BodyTalk Access 2013, 7.28 (coordinator/monitor) Milwaukee, WI

Matrix Dynamics 2013, 9.7-9.8 Philadelphia, PA

BodyTalk Access 2014, 4.12 (coordinator/monitor) Kenosha, WI

Principles of Consciousness  2014, 4.25-4.27 (monitor) Columbus, OH

BodyTalk Access 2016, 4.16 (coordinator/monitor) Kenosha, WI

PaRama Practical 2017, 5.5-5.8 Livestream

Linking Awareness 2017, 7.8-7-10 BC, Canada

BodyTalk Fundamentals for Animals 2017, 7.13-7-18 BC, Canada

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