Kathleen Houlahan

Kathleen Houlahan

CBP, Par. BP, CBP, Parama BP


by appointment

montpelier, VT 05602

Phone: 802-310-1838


Kathleen Houlahan is a certified Parama Bodytalk Practitioner in Montpelier, Vermont and Miami, Fl.  Originally a visual artist, with a long standing interest in nature, alternative healthcare including acupuncture, herbal medicine and macrobiotics, she now concentrates on her Bodytalk practice both locally and internationally.  Since February 2002, she has taken and  re-monitored  Bodytalk classes with Founder, John Veltheim and his senior instructors. Her work is based on  Bodytalk Fundamentals Module 1 & 2, Consciousness Module 3, 4/7,6, 9, Advanced Bodytalk Practical, Mindscape I, II, Stuctural Integration,  BT Access, Finding Health I and II and PaRama I and II, Body Ecology. Recently in the spring of 2019 attended the newly created (by Janet Galipo and Laura Stuve)  Body Intuitive course in Miami. She is continuously involved in the evolving study of Bodytalk and new courses with founder, John Veltheim. She was part of the team that brought Bodytalk to Brazil and continues to support the expansion of worldwide Bodytalk.

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