Bernadette A. Rosenstiel

Dr. Bernadette A. Rosenstiel

D.C., CBP, Parama BP


Laguna Hills, CA 92637-3306

Phone: 818-999-1100


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Dr. Bernadette Rosenstiel, a primary care physician, is recognized by patients and peers alike for her extraordinary sensitivity and effective techniques. A licensed chiropractor serving Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley for over 20 years, Dr. Bernadette is an advanced practitioner with thousands of clinical sessions at her Woodland Hills office, and by remote appointments.

She completed PaRama I and II under John Veltheim, pursuing state-of-the-art energy medicine and guiding her patients to change the way they look at healthcare...forever.

Dr. Bernadette specializes in allergies, chronic and acute symptoms, digestive disorders, immune deficiencies, stress, depression, emotional crisis and life transitions. Her wholistic approach is rooted in compassion and understanding, focusing on comprehensive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being as well as personal development.

In addition to extensive studies in the sciences of chiropractic, homeopathy and nutrition, Dr. Bernadette studies Ageless Wisdom and the practice of meditation. Now, with the BodyTalk PaRama System, even higher levels of healing are possible.

Dr. Bernadette is currently offering remote BodyTalk sessions by appointment only. For more information, please visit To schedule an appointment, please call 818-999-1100 or email her at


“I feel better just knowing you. You are a great help to me in every way. ‘I will always love you’.” — Dolly Parton

“Bernadette is an absolute treasure. Her extensive medical knowledge is complimented by very well developed intuitive abilities. I have benefited more from her caring treatment than any other practitioner I've met.” — Seymour Tenney

“Dear Bernadette, Thank you for introducing me to BodyTalk. It has been an amazing experience. I have to admit, at first I was unsure about this whole thing. You asked my body questions, it gave you answers, you tapped me on my head and heart, the complaints I had would disappear, and you even located places in my body where there was pain that I didn't even know about, and then those pains also disappeared. It seemed very mysterious. And it still does. I have come to understand that my body has an internal wisdom, and that my internal wisdom can be used to heal myself. When I go to a BodyTalk session with you, I feel like I am going to a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a psychologist and more - all rolled into one. I have discovered many interesting things about myself which have helped me to live a healthier life, and to lead myself in directions which I might never have conceived of. I have read the basic BodyTalk System book and have successfully used some of these techniques on myself, my family and my clients. Perhaps, someday I will find (or make) the time to attend Body Talk training sessions. I would love to learn more about this amazing program. I look forward to future BodyTalk sessions with you.” — Ellen Steinberg

“Dear Dr. Rosenstiel: I want to thank you for facilitating one of the most profound healing experiences of my life. The healing began when I met you in late December, and it continues to this day, some six months later. Clinically speaking, I am grateful for the BodyTalk System of healing. It is effective, and I do heartily endorse it. However, I also believe that certain individuals are more tuned in (gifted) than others, and I remain deeply thankful to the Divine for leading me to you. Following the first BodyTalk session, I walked away feeling lighter than air, having been instantaneously relieved of a burden of tension and stress I'd been carrying around for months. Since then, I've had consistently uncanny and beneficial sessions during which you've shared vital and highly intuitive information. Your suggestions are always from a holistic perspective and serve to advance my overall well-being. What more can a patient ask? As a skilled BodyTalk practitioner and chiropractor you are number one. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, love, and light. You are a true inspiration.” — Sherrie Dunn

“I've been having BodyTalk sessions for more than one year now. Through this time I've noticed that I'm feeling better physically, emotionally and spiritually. I experienced severe back pain for close to two years, the pain getting worse as time passed. When I started having BodyTalk sessions regularly, the back pain started to subside. Emotionally, I used to feel depressed and sad often, since BodyTalk I've been happier, I can deal with circumstances that would have normally depressed me or saddened me in a more positive way. Since BodyTalk I started to get in touch with God more often and listening to my inner self. All in all, BodyTalk has certainly improved my life. Thank you so much for enriching my life. I'm very fortunate to be one of your patients.” — Millie Cruz

“Dr. Bernadette first started BodyTalk on me at my request after I had gone through a number of adverse circumstances last Fall. First came an acute intestinal disorder that left me weak and severely depressed...and finally my cardiologist's insistence on proceeding with a scary-sounding heart procedure. BodyTalk quickly took me back to my usual exuberant self, repeating this with each of the following seven sessions, resulting in preparing me for the heart procedure that restored normal heart and general functioning better than ever, and completely removing my fear and depression. I feel sure that BodyTalk accelerated my recovery in all these areas, and now infrequent balancing continues to maintain my excellent health. My deep gratitude goes to Dr. Bernadette.” — Derek Spark, MD

Just thought I'd take a moment to say thank you for your expert ministrations on my behalf! I find that, with each passing year, I value your practice more and more. May the blessings of the universe, with the Light of the Christ and the love of God, shine upon your activity, whether in Spirit or incarnate, now, and forever! Love always!” — Tim Menton

“Thank you so much for always trying to accommodate my crazy schedule and to try to help me with all my aches and pains. Thank you for being so compassionate and listening to me. Bernadette, you are one of a kind and I’m truly grateful that I found you! Thanks, Love,” — Tali Fefer

“I come a long way to see Bernadette Rosenstiel for her expertise. She always puts me back together and helps me to long lasting results! Thank you for helping me with my health.” — April Corley Mitchell

“Dear Dr. Rosenstiel, you are a beloved healer, gifted with extraordinary insights and life-altering power. You influence me continually towards my best self. I thank you with all of my heart. Love,” — Sherrie Dunn

“There is no one like Bernadette. She is unique and uniquely talented. I drive from Santa Monica to see her although I am sure there are many good chiropractors there, there is no one that I would rather go to. She is the best!! I've been coming to her for many years and she never fails to fix me right up no matter the situation. I feel lucky to know of her and to know her. Love,” — Andrea Stern

“Bernadette has always been there for me when I needed her. Thank you for taking the extra time to explain and answer questions and energize me. I have been a patient since approximately 1992 and it has been wonderful knowing you and growing together on our journeys! Love,” — Daisy J. Lawrence

“This amazing, intelligent, intuitive woman helped alleviate pain in my legs that seemed to be never-ending. Bernadette provided the most thorough adjustment sessions I had ever had, and lo! I was much more mobile and nearly pain free. Life is always a work in-progress, and I'm so re-assured to have Bernadette working on it with me. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.” — Valerie Dunlap

“Bernadette, I love this work! It is the most amazing technique. The information that I have received through BodyTalk is more than life changing. With your help through your service, mountain have been moved. I adore you and am infinitely grateful to have met you. I will see you soon (since we know about time, don't we). Until then, I will be continuing the outpour of gratitude and love to you. Big love and Light.” — Abby Sheppard

“Bernadette, What would I do without you - You've saved my life so many times in many ways - and for this reason and who knows what else. You are a part of everything good in my life. All that blossoms and grows and becomes that which it was intended as it was intended. I love you with all my heart 'opening as it is'.” — L. L.

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