Horng Tat Low

Horng Tat Low



Temple Street




     Horng Tat has always been keen on techniques and methods to balance out physical, mental, emotional conditions through the understanding of the human psyche and achieve better health through connecting any of the causes in the body.  Usually, these causes are set in the past. These could be certain patterns, broken lines of communication between 2 or more organs, emotional issues, long-held stresses or an uneventful event that occurred that affected the psyche and contributed to the health situation.   

     Through his exploration of many techniques, he has found bodytalk to be a complete healing system to awaken and accelerate our body’s innate healing capabilities and quickly restore back healthy function in the body. The impact and potential of bodytalk sessions still continues to amaze him till today. Over the years, he has witnessed Bodytalk’s great health benefits on himself and others.  

     Bodytalk is for everyone. It is not limited or confined to age, culture, belief, religion, background. With love and service to mankind in mind, Horng Tat hopes to utilize bodytalk to reach out and serve humanity from whatever challenges they may be facing in their lives; health, transitions, relationships.

    Below are some of the trainings Horng Tat has taken :

     BodyTalk Courses

     BodyTalk Access
     BodyTalk Fundamentals
     BodyTalk Principles of Consciousness
     BodyTalk Bio-Dynamics
     Bodytalk Macrocosmic Bodymind
     BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics
     Finding Health 1 : Mapping the Healing Process
     Finding Health 2 : Applied Consciousness,
     Eastern Medicine

     Life Science Courses


     Other Courses

     Alpha Dynamics
     Deep Peat
     Kinergetics (Level 1-8)
     Original Play
     Release Technique
     Sedona Method
     Quantum Touch

     Appointments/Sessions are available at Temple Street and Telok Kurau. Just call, sms at +65 97658688 or email me at ecksg@yahoo.com. Thank you.

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