Martha Wilcockson

Martha Wilcockson



Foulkeways at Gwynedd

Gwynedd, PA 19436

Phone: 215-692-2542


Marty has been an Occupational Therapist since the 1970s.  She retired several years ago, when the burden of third party reimbursement became more important than the patient. Her experience as an Occupational Therapy was in rehabilitation, acute care and then long term care.  The joy of Occupational Therapy for Marty involved  finding the clients' priorities "for the job of living" and matching that with a challenging plan, which would enable them to achieve their goals.  

In 2008, Marty first came to BodyTalk as a client with a myriad of symptoms attributed to Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease. BodyTalk made a tremendous change in these issues. Starting with Access she has been lead on a journey of involvement with and commitment to BodyTalk, including fundamentals, certification and continued learning, which is supported and enhanced by local BodyTalk study groups.  

Marty finds that Occupational Therapy and BodyTalk dovetail with respect to addressing the client's priorities being paramount.  Although the approach and modalities are very different, they are both client driven and address the whole person. In both processes, the practitioner is the facilitator in addressing the client's priorities.  She looks at BodyTalk as a clearness committee for the body, mind and spirit.

Marty truly enjoys practicing BodyTalk; she is amazed and awed by the depth, relevance and effectiveness of a Bodytalk session. 

BodyTalk Courses:

BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk Fundamentals (Mods 1&2)

Principles of Consciousness (Mod 3)

Biodynamics (Mods 4&7)

Lymphatic Drainage and Applied Anatomy and Physiology (Mod 5)

Macrocosmic Body Mind (Mod6)

Body Talk for Animals (Mod8)

Matrix Dynamics (Mod9)

Body Ecology



Founder's Session Intensive


The Soul's Journey, Exploring the Mind and Three Brains

Metaphysics of Treating

2017 Members Conference

Epigenetics for BodyTalkers

Biodynamics Study Group

Body Intuitive

Linking Awareness Journey 

Ancient Chinese Medicine

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