Karen Norum

Dr. Karen Norum



10417 Excelsior Blvd.
Suite 3
Hopkins, MN 55343



Dr. Karen Norum is a recovering academic. During a particularly stressful year, in searching for ways to better cope with stress, she discovered crystal singing bowls. This opened the door to the metaphysical world, where she learned about energy medicine, vibrational healing, feng shui, the power of intention, holistic approaches to healing. Since then, she has become a certified feng shui consultant, a certified Laughter Yoga leader, and a certified professional coach. Karen hosted a local radio show in Spokane, WA that focused on holistic practices and lifestyles. It was through the radio show that she learned about BodyTalk when practitioners from Missoula, MT and Seattle, WA decided it was time to introduce BodyTalk to Spokane and contacted the station to see about getting on the show. Karen found BodyTalk to be the umbrella she'd been looking for: not only did it incorporate her metaphysical and holistic interests, there was also room for her academic experience. 

Growing up, Karen's parents advised her to become a lawyer because she asked so many questions! While she did not become a lawyer, she did find a way to pose questions to her students as an Associate Professor and now asks clients questions via BodyTalk! She enjoys gathering information and creating storylines from it, something BodyTalk lends itself to perfectly.

Karen became a certified BodyTalk practitioner in 2010. She also completed Mindscape and Advanced Mindscape training to deepen her intuitive abilities. She is available for distance sessions.
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