Jaime Izquierdo

Mr. Jaime Izquierdo

Body-Mind-Spirit Coach; Meditation, Art, Reiki, CBP


1005 Shore Lane

Miami Beach, FL 33141

Phone: 305.788.3093


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Jaime is an instructor of Organic Meditation Practice, and teaches Intuitive Development Workshops in Miami and New York. He is a BodyTalk, Advanced Mindscape Practitioner and Intuitive Healer trained in Bodytalk Access, Bodytalk, Advanced Mindscape, Sacred Geometry, and BodyTalk Treatment Intensive programs. He is a licensed Reiki-Massage Therapist and Ordained Minister. His holistic treatments and workshops promote personal development, spiritual consciousness, and creativity.


Jaime studied Fine Arts under renowned American artists Sidney Goodman and Nelson Shanks among others, and graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He is a Holistic Medical Practitioner, Non-Sectarian Minister  and the author of "The Organic Meditation Practice",  available in Amazon Kindle store. He was invited to The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine, 2012 for an oral presentation of his abstract titled “Integration, The Daily Path to Enlightenment Through The Organic Meditation Practice”

Jaime offers the following workshops for individuals, private groups and corporations:

1. Learning How to Meditate

2. Dream Interpretation

3. Personal Development

4. Group Healing with Bodytalk and MindScape

5. Artistic Expression in Art and Writing

6. Plant-Based Diet Detoxification

7. Learning the Use and Benefits of Synchronicity

Jaime Izquierdo, CBP, AdvMSP
CBP Volunteer, Bodytalk Program at Stand Up For Kids, Miami
Advanced MindScape Internet Practice Group Monitor, Class 2011 Miami
South Fla.
BodyTalk Association Events Coordinator
Director, Finesse Unlimited LLC.


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