Melissa Stuart

Melissa Stuart



Edam , SK

Phone: 306-270-3331


I have been on a journey now for over 7 years with the BodyTalk system and it has been amazing.  I have gained insight and healing in every aspect of my life.  The BodyTalk system has taught me a huge amount about myself, my family, the land that our ranch and animals lives on, our animals (there are many!) and all the everything else’s that come along for the ride.  I am recently coming off a two and half year break of being very part time with my clinic, as my family and farm needed my assistance and presence on a fuller time basis.  While away navigating life I never stopped the journey of learning and integrating with the BodyTalk system.  It literally is always there and always supporting in every shift and change.

I am currently in the process of working towards achieving my AdvCBP and diving back into the world of PaRama and loving every minute of it.  I have also recently started up coordinating for the Lloydminster and Glaslyn areas again.

I love long distance sessions and send notes via audio.  If you want to make the journey out to my neck of the woods for a session I would love to see you here as well!  I hold my BodyTalk practice on the family ranch where I ranch and raise beef cattle with my husband, 2 daughters and in-laws.  I have experience in sessions dealing with family matrix scenarios (including ranch, farms and other businesses), land, animals and of course the wonderful people (adults and children) that fit into all that ;)

I started my BodyTalk training initially with BodyTalk Access in Jan 2010 then moved onto Breakthrough May 2010 shortly before my second daughter was born in July.

I became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in June of 2011 after completing (Mod 1&2) BodyTalk: Fundamentals Modules 1 and 2, (Mod 3) BodyTalk: Principles of Consciousness, (Mod 4/7) BodyTalk: Bio–Dynamics, (Mod 5) BodyTalk: Lymphatic Drainage, Applied A&P & FreeFall 1.  After I certified I continued my education with BodyTalk with the rest of the advance modules and then onto PaRama. I also started coordinating for instructors to come into my area.  I have listed all my classes below if you are interested ;)

If you are ever in the area and want to stop on by and introduce yourself give me a call and we can sit down and have a chat & a tea!  Looking forward to meeting a lot of new people along the way!

(Mod 1&2) BodyTalk: Fundamentals Modules 1 and 2, (Mod 3) BodyTalk: Principles of Consciousness, (Mod 4/7) BodyTalk: Bio–Dynamics, (Mod 5) BodyTalk: Lymphatic Drainage and Applied A&P, (Mod 6) BodyTalk: Macrocosmic BodyMind, (Mod 8a) BodyTalk for Animals & BodyTalk Access for Animals,  (Mod 9)  BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics, Fundamental Integration, Mindscape, Breakthrough 1, Freefall , Finding Health 1, Eastern Medicine.  PaRama 1, PaRama 1 Practical, PaRama 2.

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