John Andros

John Andros

CBP, ParBT, Dip Health Sc, CBP, Parama BP


23 Pitts Lane

White Gum Valley, W.A. 6285

Phone: 0408670711


Aloha and Welcome 

BodyTalk is a unique and wonderful system of healthcare, where left brain logical protocols meet right brain intuitive function to provide a non invasive, safe way to facilitate change in a fun and dynamic way. 

In BodyTalk we don't treat, diagnose or cure. We listen to your body and through questions determine what protocols and areas of focus your body is asking for to re-balance itself. 

If you would like to experience a session that is tailored specifically to your individual requirements, call me today for in person sessions, Phone sessions and Skype sessions

Mobile: 61408 670 71                


Skype: johnnyandrosperth

 Background training and development

• Access Bars Facilitator

• Access Body Facilitator

• Mindscape

• Diploma of Health Science Massage (1200 hours)

• School of Philosophy (3 years)

• Vision Quest

• Silva mind method 

Landmark Education

• The Landmark Forum

• Advanced course

• Communication course

• Advanced Communication course

• Introduction to the Forum Leaders Program (6 months)

• IFLP coach (6 months)

• The Money Seminar


Other interests

Sclerology • Zero Balancing • Reiki • Ki-force • Bowen therapy • Bodytell • Applied Kinesiology • Shamanic Healing • Spiritual Healing • Qi Gong • Tai Chi • Chinese Martial Arts• Mental Photography • Aromatherapy • Future warrior
















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