Jeanette Jeha

Ms. Jeanette Jeha

Energy Medicine/Qigong& Regression Practitioner, CBP


96B Kintail Road
Perth, WA 6153

Phone: (08)93159917





Jeanette is a Soulful Health Activator, Awakener & Cell rejuvenator who specializes in Human Expansiveness & Functional Medicine. Jeanette is  a metaphysical Teacher, Speaker & Coach.Through her deep insight into the Mechanics of Healing ( both Mystical laws & Quantum physics), Jeanette  utilizes Bodytalk to redirect the mind & body away from Survival & into  a Thriving  reality. Jeanette is also an Energy Medicine and Medical Qigong teacher /practitioner who has waited quite some time for a system like BodyTalk to come along and allow her to integrate many of her skills within a holistic structure. . Jeanette started off as a University teacher of English and American Literature at the American University of Beirut after completing her Masters degree in Linguistics from  the University of London. Abandoning her plans to pursue her Ph.D. in Forensic Linguistics, Jeanette moved to Western Australia in 1996. Her very traumatic  childhood and  physical challenges  sought  meaning.Since then, Jeanette has been intensely involved in many healing modalities, particularly Breath work,Qi gong,  Chinese energy medicine, Regression, Shamanic healing practices, Reiki, Color and Sound therapy& Beyond Coaching .

Jeanette runs her
BodyTalk/ Energy Medicine clinic locally  from  Applecross, Western Australia &  internationally through Skype.













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