Marjorie Panzer

Marjorie Panzer



Via Crodolo 4B

Brissago, 6614

Phone: +41 76 219 80 78


Marjorie Panzer has always been attracted to energy medicine and alternative therapies since age 8. Her first professional path took her to business. She studied business at KV-Schule in Zurich and holds a master in business.  After a successful carrier in the airline industry it was time for a change. In 1999 she began her healing studies at Western Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy, California, where she graduated with honors and became a California certified Instructor for WIN.  In 2003 she established Integrated Massage Therapy; changing it’s name in 2006 to what is known today as Integrated Wellness. The name change became apparent since IMT was growing and expanding not only in the massage field but also in alternative medicine.

In 2010, Marjorie was introduced to BodyTalk. Finally a comprehensive system that addresses all aspects of an individual; the emotional, mental and spiritual, with the physical body. In 2012 she became a Certified BodyTalk Practioner. She is passionate about BodyTalk and continues to study the Advanced Modules. She is amazed by the potential of this system. She has seen the difference that BodyTalk has made in her own life, that of her clients, friends and animals.

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