Galina Zlotnikova

Galina Zlotnikova

MA, LMFT (CA license no. LMFT 83992), CBP, AdvCBP


Redwood City, CA


I have been a client, student and practitioner of BodyTalk since 2011.  I find that this gentle work helps bring me back into my body, to the connection with deeper parts of myself, and that it supports my spiritual practice and my relationships with other people.  When I work with BodyTalk clients I bring knowledge, perspective and experience from my psychotherapy background, and my ever-growing understanding of how childhood environment, relationships, complex trauma and stress influence our health and well-being (please note that BodyTalk sessions are not psychotherapy).  I love that BodyTalk allows me to work with people in a way that's different from the way I work as a psychotherapist.  It allows me to listen for the stories our bodies want to share, and to help facilitate "the unconscious becoming conscious" without us having a conversation in an everyday sense about it.  I see BodyTalk as a tool that allows both practitioner and client to make meaning of symptoms, challenges and loss in our lives in ways that foster healing and transformation, and to perceive and recognize the myriad ways in which our physical, emotional, relational and spiritual parts are interwoven in a beautiful whole Being. 

I have come to BodyTalk not just as a practitioner, but as a client always looking for ways to solve my own health puzzle.  I have lived with a chronic illness that has been diagnosed as Lyme disease for my entire adult life.  For years prior to being diagnosed I was told by medical doctors that all the tests they did came back "normal".  Since mainstream western medicine could not offer any help, I turned to alternative modalities.  I had decided early on that when I would find something that helps me, I would do my best to understand, study and share it with others.  I have since explored a number of healing modalities and have followed my calling to become a licensed psychotherapist, studying somatic and transpersonal psychology and focusing my work on trauma and chronic illness.  BodyTalk became one of the healing modalities that supported me on this journey.

My educational background is in computer science, I hold BA and MA in Computer Science from Brandeis University.  Prior to licensure I have studied for my MA in Counselling Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (which has since become Sofia University).  

I am currently available for distance sessions.  I am a native Russian speaker and can conduct sessions in English and in Russian.  
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