Megumi Hayashi

Mrs. Megumi Hayashi



, CA


I came to the U.S from Japan at the end of 2004 and started a new life in Southern California.
When I had my baby in 2006, I was exhausted everyday, especially after driving because I've had a weak left eye since childhood. My left eye didn't  too much bother me when I lived in Japan.
Anyway, I felt I didn't have enough my energy every single day. 
I spent several years looking for ways to heal my body and I finally found it in 2011. That was the BodyTalk System!
I took the BodyTalk Access class in February 2012, I did it everyday,  then I realized my body changed a little by little.
One day, my friend felt uncomfortable her body after something happened. I gave her whole BodyTalk Access! She said "What did you do to my body? because during do that, it so hurts me, but it's so much better than before!!" She showed me how much her body moved. It's  totally different before and after!  I said "Oh my, It's amazing...."
I decided to take Fundamentals class in August 2012. After that I wanted to share how great the BodyTalk Healing System was to my friends and family. I participated in as many practice sessions as possible. many people liked it, also I saw my friends healed each time, that makes me happy, too. Finally I became a BodyTalk Practitioner in August 2013.
I'd love to show you how your body works to heal itself. 
I am available to go to your location near (round trips in 10 miles no fee) my area!

I've taken 
 BodyTalk Macro Cosmic Body Mind, July 2016
 BodyTalk Principles of Consciousness, August 2016.
 BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics, Jun 2018
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