Nirmala Sekhar

Ms. Nirmala Sekhar

MSI, CBP, Parama BP


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Episodes of dizziness, a Google search and John Veltheim's Cortices video 

These are what brought BodyTalk to my life. I had just lost my father and I thought that I was managing my grief well. But my body was displaying weird symptoms and I felt something was off. When I followed the steps in John's Cortices video, my dizziness went away. That prompted me to arrange for my first BodyTalk session with no idea of what it was. Three sessions later most of my then symptoms went away and I felt that I had found my center again.


From Information Technology to Transformation Technology

I started my career in the high-pressure world of software development and consulting in India, Australia and Singapore. Moving from the logical world of information technology to an intuitive world of energy and consciousness based medicine and healing has been a natural progression in my life.

Attending my first BodyTalk workshop within 2 months of seeing John's video, I felt that I was at home. It was like a switch had been turned on and left me with an insatiable desire to learn more and more.

Over the years, I have completed many modules including:


  • Modules 1&2 : Fundamentals
  • Module 3 : Principles of Consciousness
  • Module 4(7) : Bio-Dynamics
  • Module 5 : Lymphatic Drainage
  • Module 6 : Macrocosmic BodyMind
  • Module 9 : Matrix Dynamics
  • BodyTalk Access
  • Eastern Medicine
  • Soul’s Journey and the Three Brains
  • Mindscape
  • Advanced Mindscape
  • PaRama BodyTalk Unit 1
  • PaRama BodyTalk Unit 2
  • Fascial Energetics 1
  • Finding Health


The Universe has taken me on many other learning journeys. What is most amazing is that BodyTalk has the perfect framework to integrate all these various learnings into the one session that a client needs. My other roles include :

  • Reiki Master Practitioner
  • RYT 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • Louise Hay Heal Your Life Workshop Leader
  • Louise Hay Heal Your Life Coach
  • Eden Energy Medicine Student - Foundations Year


I enjoy sharing this knowledge in fun ways with my tribe. I am  a Mindscape Instructor and loves conducting Mindscape workshops.

Awareness guides the way

The one common factor in all these journeys has been the aspect of Self-Awareness. Nothing shifts without awareness. The switch that turned on for me was my awareness – awareness of my inner world and an inner knowing that I am meant to do this work for myself and for those who are drawn to it.

I am grateful to all who have contributed to and are part of my journey - Instructors, Co-ordinators and Clients and to John Veltheim for this wonderful gift.



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