Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson

Em Res (Emotional Resolution) SomaticPractitioner,, BAT, CBP, AdvCBP


1 Dancing Rabbit Ln
Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Phone: (660)956-6536


UPDATE: As of July, on a deep mountain medicine prayer journey. Eliminated gmail, Facebook, business website and cellphone. Send an email to to receive updates. You may be invited to participate in an in-cognito ZOOM-Sangha series that incorporates everything I’ve learned as a BodyTalk Access Trainer, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Somatic Breakthrough Coach, advanced Emotional Resolution Practitioner, and as an earnestly devoted solo-backpacking mountain medicine student for liberating inner Yin Sovereignty codes. Podcast interview with a student here:

Free taste of Yin here:

I am also teaching at various elevations for ones willing to travel to my location. I am utilizing solar-powered chargers and have limited remote 1-on-1 mentorship packages available - only for earnest students/practitioners of the mountain medicine Higher Self embodiment teachings coming through at this time. If this calls to the deepest part of you, reach out. Deep Blessings, Angela

Angela Johnson first learned about the fascinating health care  modality of the BodyTalk System in spring of 2011, from a visiting friend, Luke Krueger, who was in the process of completing his requirements to become a practitioner. This BodyTalk Practitioner-In-Training was offering (requesting, really) to perform "practice-sessions" with her and her family members in support of his requirements for certification. She was blown away by the results of these sessions. Blown away! A sore throat feeling better in hours, aching back relieved in minutes, the list goes on.  She quickly connected Luke with everyone she knew, who was open to receiving a practice-session as well.  There was one time when her younger daughter had been suffering from migraine complete with nausea and vomiting at the time of a "practice-session". The little girl was so miserable she refused to let Luke touch her (much less tap on her), but she did agree to let him tap on Angela - on the other side of the room - as a surrogate for her session.  Within 5 minutes of the completion of the session, Angela's daughter's state of being turned completely around - like she just "woke up". She walked to the fridge and happily fixed herself a bowl of yogurt. Within 10 minutes, she was literally swinging from the monkey-bars at the neighboring park as though she'd never missed a beat! This was just one example in a line of nearly a dozen of these "practice-sessions" during his visit where the receiver of the session had an experience like "waking up" in some way or another.  Through these BodyTalk experiences, bodies were proving themselves capable of self-healing to a degree (and with a speed)  that many have never imagined. Angela was startled to see how symptoms serve as important messages not just dealing with physical causative factors but often coming down from causative factors of the subtle and mental bodies, and the BodyTalk System taps into these factors, literally, as a matter of protocol.

It wasn't long before Angela fully realized that she was being called to embrace this health modality not just from the standpoint of the awe of receiving and watching others receive sessions but to seek out training opportunities to become a practitioner herself.  Thanks to the fruitful efforts of the volunteer-leaders of the non-profit, BodyTalk South Dakota ( ), who are committed to bringing in BodyTalk instructors, classes, and certification opportunities, Angela was able to complete all of the requirements with the International BodyTalk Association to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner by Feb, 2013, (including in-person training, testing, and in-person mentoring with a Certified BodyTalk Instructor!!) without ever leaving South Dakota.  Angela quickly became a volunteer as the East-River Representative and Vice President of BodyTalk South Dakota, opened her private practice, Awaken BodyTalk in Sioux Falls, and became an enthusiastic class coordinator for the International BodyTalk Association to continue bringing instructors to teach others in her community as well.  With seeming miracle after miracle in her clinic that first year, and getting her first taste of advanced BodyTalk courses with Mary Shields (Mod 3) and Mel Buzek (Mod 4/7), Angela spent the next busy year continuing her clinic practice and intermittently flying out to California and Washington to complete the other core advanced modules with Dr Laura Stuve and Dr Janet Galipo, along with BodyTalk Advanced Integration with Claudia Schembri-Heitmann, and she completed the testing and case study requirements to become an Advanced-Certified BodyTalk Practitioner by Nov, 2015, under mentorship with Claudia Schembri-Heitmann.  The next 2 years as an AdvCBP were full of even more startling miracles after miracles and more traveling for continuing advanced BodyTalk education - Body Ecology (the microbiome class) and Evolve Epigenetics for BodyTalkers (both with Dr Laura Stuve), Eastern Medicine (Dr John Veltheim), Practitioner Reflex & Physical Energetics (Dr John Veltheim), The Soul's Journey (Dr John Veltheim), BodyTalk Fascial Energetics (Kerry D'Ambrogio) and BodyTalk Orthopedic Evaluation (Kerry D'Ambrogio).  What an incredibly exciting and deeply rewarding ride...   Meanwhile, since Angela became the first BodyTalk Practitioner in Sioux Falls (and initially the only one in a 5-hour radius), there are now about 200 people in the Sioux Falls area who have taken BodyTalk Access classes, dozens have become practitioners-in-training, and at least 12 are now Certified BodyTalk Practitioners.

In the spring of 2017, Angela and her family visited a 20-year-old sustainability living-demonstration project near Rutledge, Missouri, called Dancing Rabbit Eco-village, and fell in love with the land, the vision, and the surrounding communities. They applied for residency in August and moved there in Sept, 2017.  Her BodyTalk clinic in Sioux Falls, SD, continues to be a wellspring of healing and prosperity, now run by Tracy Saboe, CBP, and Peg Bhatara, practitioner-in-training.  Angela maintains a busy and deeply rewarding remote-session practice and provides in-person Advanced BodyTalk Sessions at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, with the vision of getting this powerful modality into the hands of the intentional sustainable community sector world-wide.  In addition to her 1-on-1 BodyTalk private practice, Angela is currently working on energizing a "BodyTalk Midwest" matrix to revolutionize health care in her new surrounds, studying permaculture design and how it blends with BodyTalk for Plants, and stepping into training to certify as a BodyTalk Access Trainer.

Through Awaken BodyTalk, Angela provides one-on-one Advanced BodyTalk sessions for clients with a wide variety of health concerns.  Sessions in-person at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage take place on the calm of a Richway Amethyst BioMat, and remote sessions are scheduled from the comfort of your own home via phone.  Awaken BodyTalk is about honoring the voice of the wisdom within - holding the space for the innate healer within - supporting you to "awaken" to a deeper connection with the Self where healing can occur from a place of deep wisdom and compassion on all levels that are a priority in that current moment in time.  Using light touch and gentle tapping, the BodyTalk System is safe, effective, truly holistic health care.   It can be used as your go-to health care modality for imbalances that manifest as anything from physical pain, a variety of sicknesses, allergies or other immune system challenges, slow-to-heal injuries, or  digestive challenges... to any variety of dis-ease at the emotional and/or mental levels, such as anxiety, depression, addictions, challenges with memory, etc,  BodyTalk can also be used as complimentary health care alongside any other forms of health care to increase the effectiveness and/or soften the side effects of other treatments being utilized. And in the absence of dense physical symptoms, BodyTalk can be used as an amazing "maintenance" program and really a catalyst to awaken even higher states of balance and consciousness within You.  (For 1-on-1 treatment pricing, see below.)

Awaken BodyTalk is also about "awakening" others to a new paradigm - a paradigm that challenges previous assumptions about what healing even is, what we as humans are capable of, and why we are here.  This paradigm, the BodyTalk System, also known as "The Language of Health", is experiencing an "awakening" of its own. Currently the fastest-growing and most leading edge health care modality in the world, it is "awakening" into physical manifestation across the globe - from one laboratory in Australia in the mid-90's to being taught in 52 countries by 2017.  Angela is committed to supporting this awakening as well, by: 
(1) offering free BodyTalk educational opportunities and teaching many, many people the BodyTalk Cortices brain-balancing technique
(2) helping to coordinate with other BodyTalk instructors to bring opportunities to Sioux Falls and Missouri (BodyTalk Access 6+ times per year, plus Fundamentals, MindScape and other courses based on requests from students and practitioners)
(3) hosting and facilitating complimentary practice groups for BodyTalk Access graduates (Via video-ZOOM and onsite at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage) and remote mentoring opportunities for aspiring BodyTalk Practitioners-in-Training
(4) supporting the efforts of practitioners of all other health care modalities interested in making the BodyTalk System the core of their practice or interested in incorporating the five BodyTalk Access techniques into their practice to deepen their clients' (and their own!) results
(5) investing in her own journey by earnest cultivation of self-practice including daily BodyTalk Access tapping, Vipassana meditation, somatic embodiment practices, and the mastering of various emotional-release/integration tools along with receiving BodyTalk sessions herself
(6) keeping her practice state-of-the-art by mastering the material taught in the advanced BodyTalk courses and continually enriching with study, continuing ed, and addition of next-level other modalities such as Emotional Resolution and Somatic Embodiment Transformational Coaching.
(7) inspiring a sense of grounded confidence and enthusiasm as a devoted BodyTalk Access Trainer.
(8) holding the vision of a global culture of wellness - with one or more BodyTalk Access Technicians in every single household and one or more BodyTalk Practitioners (or at least "rookie" trainees) on every city block and in every intentional sustainability-focused community worldwide

BodyTalk Training to date: Angela has taken BodyTalk Fundamentals seven times (coordinated three times) with four different instructors (Wendy Nelson, Mel Buzek, Angela Adkins and Kerry D'Ambrogio), integrated the Advanced BodyTalk Exploring Procedure, taken MindScape (4x with Angela Adkins), two Founders Session Intensive courses with John Veltheim (2013 and 2015) BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration (Mel Buzek),  BodyTalk Mod 3 Principles of Consciousness (2x - once with Mary Shields, once with Ben Manalo) , BodyTalk Mod 4/7 BioDynamics (with Mel Buzek and then with Kerry D'Ambrogio), BodyTalk Mod 6 Macrocosmic Bodymind with Dr Laura Stuve, BodyTalk Mod 9 Matrix Dynamics with Dr Janet Galipo, BodyTalk Advanced Integration (BAI) with Claudia Schembri-Heitmann, BodyEcology (Dr John Veltheim and Dr Laura Stuve), Dr John Veltheim's 7-month Fundamentals Study Group Series, Dr John Veltheim's 2-month Principles of Consciousness Study Group Series, the 9-month course "Giving Voice to the Body: A & P for BodyTalkers", BodyTalk Energetics (Dr John Veltheim), Practitioner Reflex (Dr John Veltheim), IBA Members Conference 2015 Online from Vancouver, Body Psychology (Dr John Veltheim), Dr Janet Galipo's 6-month 5 Elements 50 conditions webinar, Evolve Epigenetics for BodyTalkers (Dr Laura Stuve), PaRama Campus CDRRRII Course, The Soul's Journey: Exploring the Mind and 3 Brains (Dr John Veltheim), IBA Members Conference in 2017 (Clearwater, FL), Eastern Medicine (Dr John Veltheim), BodyTalk for Plants (Dr John Veltheim), BodyTalk Fascial Energetics 1 (Kerry D'Ambrogio), and Orthopedic Evaluation (Kerry D'Ambrogio), PaRama BodyTalk (Dr John Veltheim and Tim Hall)

Angela traces her initial interest in health, wellness, and intuition to her experience of motherhood: birth, bonding, and breastfeeding. Her continually growing list of other modalities includes yogasana, pranayama, japa meditation, mindful meditation, prayer, Theta Healing, Angelic Connection, MerKaba meditation, Reiki, formless meditation, integration of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras through Nischala Joy Devi's translations, Dragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong, Universal Health Principles pre-certification, Spring Forest Qi Gong, Permaculture Design (Midwest Permaculture) & most recently Somatic Awareness, Embodiment & Breakthrough Coaching (studying first with Paul Linden, founder of the Being-In-Movement MindBody Awareness Education and Embodied Peacemaking, and also with Richard Strozzi-Heckler and the Coaches Rising team, founder of the Strozzi Institute, both of whom have been Aikido Masters for decades and committed to utilizing their understanding of Qi and principles of embodiment to the betterment of the way humans hold presence with themselves and each other.) Angela is also an advanced Emotional Resolution Practitioner, training directly with founder of the Emotional Health Institute, Cedric Bertelli, to facilitate clients to completely and permanently resolve any disruptive emotional pattern using the body's own gentle yet powerful viscero-somatic tracing of the sensory imprint.   Angela practices Yoga, QiGong and T'ai Chi, has a consistent, daily Vipassana meditation practice, and is a committed member of Dancing Rabbit Eco-village's Ultimate Frisbee crew. :)   Angela is honored to meet you exactly as you are and to bear witness to your tapping in of a higher, greater, and deeper state of balance in service to the grounding of an upgraded version of being, all across the planet.  

By the way, if you live in areas around Rutledge, Kirksville and Kansas City Missouri, areas or are part of any sustainable community movement ANYWHERE and have (1) the coordination to drive a car skillfully,(2) the discipline to learn, remember, and follow the rules of the road, (3) an enthusiasm for BodyTalk, (4) the curiosity to suspend conditioned beliefs about what is possible, AND (5) a heart-felt inspiration to facilitate deep healing as a practitioner within the global BodyTalk System... you have what it takes and Angela will support you.  You are one of the reasons why she is here. Namaste.

NOTE from Angela: I am a Love Activist, meaning, my work is to more and more deeply activate the deeply felt and authentically lived sense of compassion, presence, wisdom, and spirit-led vitality within myself and others, in ways that inspire that same activation in ripple effects throughout all aspects and areas of our lives.  Love Activism is about taking a clear and powerful stand for a compassionate world, and that starts with cultivating presence and compassion for our inner world of sensations as we navigate our own emotional terrain, and a continual commitment to exploration of available tools to continue that deepening. Love Activism is what led me to BodyTalk and all of the other modalities I bring to the table (and my life) as a practitioner (and a human being in relationship to my self and others).  Love Activism then challenges us to cultivate skillfulness in holding that presence and compassion while navigating the emotional terrain of our closest relationships, our face-to-face interactions in our communities, our screen-to-screen interactions in our virtual communities, and our remote energetic interactions with All beings on the Earth plane.  This is not about suppression or denial of "what's not appropriate" but about truly uncovering the blocks to authentic loving care for Self and All.  I am a walking, breathing commitment to the mastery of self-love and self-forgiveness that allows for the cultivation of the vulnerable, unconditional Presence that is being called for at this time in consciousness. I am a commitment to the cultivation of grounded intuition and creativity through the wisdom of navigating the sensations of one's own body as the safest, surest guiding light available on the planet at this time.  My deepest most passionate commitment is to that very cultivation of truly "partnering with the Higher Self" --- within myself and within all who are guided to work with me on their Highest Path to health and healing. Working with me - whether initially to "relieve your symptoms" or "adjust to a recent loss" or "make life meaningful again" - involves deepening first your connection to your Higher Self, which then allows that wisdom to literally reorganize the energetic communication pathways through all the levels of the bodymind (including the physical).  With that deepened connection to your Higher Self, we then observe how this gets reflected in the deepening and harmonizing of the relationships with the people closest to you (family, work, etc), and also how this gets reflected in your highest expression of your unique gifts through sacred service that uplifts and invigorates all involved.  And we do this together through the catapult-effect of co-creating tailor-made somatic embodiment practices that are revealed as we implement Advanced BodyTalk formulas.

Liberation Empowerment Mentorship Transformation Package
This is a full-on 1-on-1 mentorship intensive service blending Advanced BodyTalk with somatic opening navigation skills over the course of several months to support you in transforming into the most peaceful, yet powerful "you" given your current somatic "shape" (which is a specific geometry). There are a limited number of individuals that I make myself available for in this very special way.  When spots are filled, I maintain a wait-list, so please inquire.  I have been guided to trust that divine timing will orchestrate the exact "openings" in my schedule to match who will be guided to sign up for this special mentorship journey with me, and there is an incredible amount of ease and peace around this.  You are held in possibly the most effective yet compassionate container even imaginable to release the deepest layers of congestion from your alignment with your most highly aligned somatic "shape" that holds the highest expression of your most vibrant health with the deepest peace available to your being at this time.  Liberation Empowerment refers to unleashing your own mastery of navigation of your inner emotional/physical terrain using your own somatic awareness as your guide.  You open the senses to learn about the self, through the self, while holding compassion for all that you come to learn.  You may not have known that you could love yourself as deeply as you will discover when you follow the YES to this Liberation Empowerment Mentorship call, and I am so honored to hold this sacred space with you as you truly while-in-your-body reclaim your connection to the spark of the divine within you and your Highest Unfolding.  We utilize Advanced BodyTalk to re-harmonize and unkink the frequencies not just in the dense physical tissues of the body but also your subtle senses and the harmony between the subtle sensory and motor neurons, so you truly, unmistakably "feel" and "know" your deepest truths and work masterfully and compassionately with "conditioned reactions" as they unwind right there in the loving palm of your own gentle, tender awareness.  You'll be empowered with specific tailor-made somatic practices to very deeply reconnect and securely anchor you to your own authentic embodiment.  All aspects of the bodymind become your "Beloved friend" as you partner with your own Higher Wisdom expressed as subtle physical sensations, fully inhabiting the physical body as your temporary but trusted "home" as you fully "own" your process in such an expanded, empowered way on this amazing Earthwalk journey. This package includes 6 x 85-min full 1-on-1 individualized Advanced BodyTalk w/Somatic Transformational Coaching sessions, 6 x 15-min 1-on-1 booster-session live-calls (could include Advanced BodyTalk lasor-links, Transformational Laser-Coaching, EmRes, or somatic meditation guidance) in between the longer live-calls, and further between-call support through emails for Q&A.

If you are feeling a resonance with inviting me to be part of your journey toward remembering your own wholeness, I will be delighted to connect! This work is not about masking symptoms. This is about reconnecting with the deepest levels of healing wisdom already present within and between every cell and energy pathway in YOUR body/mind/spirit...for LASTING and ever-transforming results on your path to realizing the highest version of your Self.
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