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Angela Johnson

Em Res (Emotional Resolution) SomaticPractitioner,, BAT, CBP, AdvCBP


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Article-tribute sharing the raw context of this chapter of my life-work, winking to the spirit of Tracy Saboe:

I facilitate powerful experiential somatic breakthrough teachings and 1-on-1 sessions that gradually and gently reacquaint us with and continually unfold what I will call an inner Yin Sovereign state of being.  This is an authentic, embodied inner-self-tenderness as whole spectrums of qualities of inner-attention gradually unfold...and the native sensation-language of the body is revealed and "included" instead of "dominated" or silenced by various radio stations of word-language-thinking. Students Remembering this capacity become masterful at activating coherence between the physical, emotional, and mental body functioning harmoniously together.  My 1-on-1 mountain medicine sessions are reserved for active students of mine on their committed journeys to cultivating a partnership with their own interior body for navigating and grounding emotional energy, for the heart to feel safe enough to continually soften into its own effortless illumination, and for the mind to rest in the sacredness of not-knowing.  An interior Yin Sovereignty bridges one’s deepest spiritual truths into everyday waking, walking life as an authentic embodiment of essence. Most-frequently cited initial benefits to 1-on-1 and group-series with me include becoming ever-more deeply physically grounded, emotionally relaxed and stable more of the time, authentically self-compassionate and feeling more freedom of movement in previously chronic "tight" areas of the physical body or previously stifled action-steps that make life deeply meaningful. An overactive stress-reaction is a contributing factor to over 90% of unpleasant physical conditions, and so the dramatic softening of stress-reaction patterns naturally impacts these stress-related conditions generally every quickly, including chronic ones. Over time, students become very masterful and efficient in resolving even long-standing triggered emotions and integrating the associated shadow-material. An authentic self-compassion naturally overflows in powerful ways into relationships and in interactions with more and more of the totality of Creation, and the interior body temple becomes progressively more and more liberated and vibrant. The consistent inner-Yin attention is like gentle rain to a thirsty garden.

My different teaching series and 1-on-1 facilitation are a synthesis of the incredible gems of my 8+ years professionally practicing BodyTalk, teaching BodyTalk Access, very earnest deep-dive studying with a number of beloved teachers (below) into the world of somatic embodiment and advanced meditation practices...and most recently spending many months backpacking solo at various elevations on beloved Mount Shasta until being guided to touch down with the sacred mountains of Maui and become a student of Mother Pele on the Big Island of Hawaii beginning March 31, 2021.  This mountain medicine part of my journey was catalyzed by dear friend and fellow-BodyTalker, Tracy Saboe’s shocking transition out of physical form, and my earnest commitment to the words I wrote in June of 2020 in this tribute to Tracy. Tracy's "accidental" violent death inspired me into a very deep state of "questioning" everything I thought I knew about "Love Activism".  My walking question moment by moment became: "How may I use my attention and where/how to place my body to receive, embody, transport, and transmit the deepest sacred medicine at this time?" From the Sangre de Cristo's in Colorado to the Simmerons, Uncompagres and San Louis triple mountain range in the Telluride area, to beloved Mount Shasta in California where I learned for 8+ months...and now with Mother Pele in Hawaii.  As I've walked with that question moment to moment, generally over 50% of every answer, moment to moment, has “included” how and where to land attention *inside* of my own interior physical body landscape, with ever-deepening nuanced precision of symphonies of sensations and flavors unfolding from within the masterpiece of sacred geometries that form the structure of our body temples. With every step and along every portion of every breathing cycle, one is always "practicing something" with attention....and that "something" can become very, very nuanced and powerful as higher and higher delicacy of resolution of our interior landscape unfolds and is able to be “included”.

The basic inner Yin Sovereignty codes of interroception were revealed to me within 3 weeks of being in Mount Shasta, in early August, 2020, while I was guided up past 7,000 feet, near the Panther Meadow.  Ever-more advanced capacities of consciousness have become accessible with an ever-more "inhabited" interior landscape that unfolded in the months that followed, and continue to unfold.  Some capacities opened up while my body was as high up as 10,400 feet where I had to melt snow to stay hydrated and some as low as 3600 feet where I slept in deer meadows with abundance of blackberries. And the different capacities continue to unfold as the practices advance and I keep walking with this sacred question, of How and where to land my attention and footsteps moment to moment to receive, embody, transport and transmit the deepest sacred medicine right now.  (Updating this bio page for YOU is “included” in this answer in this moment, and signing up to continue my learning from specific beloved human embodiment teachers was "included" a few hours ago, while simultaneously landing and traveling receptive Yin-qualities of attention within various sacred inner-geometries of my physical body's form.)

One of my beloved Yin Sovereignty students recently described her experience of the Yin Sovereignty practices as unfolding inner-tenderness and inner-awareness "like a Russian doll".  We are gently and gradually unpacking whole spectrums of inner-attentiveness of Awareness itself, so that more and more of the interior body's landscape can be "included" in our sensory experience, and it's truly delicious.  Like a fish that maybe doesn't realize it's in water, most humans have otherwise come to assume that a "conscious mind" equates to a "verbal stream of constant thinking", but that is just one possibility -- the one possibility that arises from an isolated Yang-capacity of consciousness and under-discovered Yin-capacity.  This "Patriarchy" within the screen projector of the mind itself can be gently unfolded and cleansed, and supporting this process is my most sacred gift to offer in this chapter of my life.   As the conscious mind rediscovers the natural interroceptive Yin-capacity to simply rest Awareness in the interior landscape of the body, a whole new language of nuanced physical sensations and authentic emotional flavors can begin to gradually come online.  A whole different realm of functional intelligence and inner-tenderness. We can then become available and deliciously intimate with the inner-spaciousness that inherently holds many gateways into higher states of consciousness within the richness of the Present moment.  And a bonus for all of Creation around us -- this deliciousness gets broadcast horizontally through our transmissional field as a Remembrance of embodied unity, sacred “inclusion”.  An authentic inner-spaciousness becomes more and more accessible as a way of simply "being" -- the gentle hum in the background while in stillness and and in-interaction.

We discover through direct experience that our physical interior body seems to be masterfully designed as an "anchor" for emotional energy and mental static to literally ground downward, similar to a lightning rod. With Yin Sovereign in the interior body, we don’t have to try to “think our emotions” because authentic intimate contact with direct sensory emotional-flavors unfolds, and inner-intensity is able to ground naturally as it travels through the body-landscape into a satisfying sense of completion or as a relaxed yet rejuvenating sense of inner-revelation that bubbles from within. This "anchoring" function requires our conscious attention inside to happen, our conscious attention to sense the sensations moment by moment.  We learn through our direct experience and inner exploration that energy flows where attention goes - conscious attention can land masterfully and attentively "within" our physical interior landscape with an overall energizing effect. Without the body’s grounding role, emotional/mental energy instead gets pushed up and out into a foggy "mental numbness" or an agitated "mental static" of "thinking" our emotions, with an overall draining effect on our system. (And then the body, as our ever-faithful companion that communicates in a language of sensations, can only do its best to "shout over the thoughts" or "signal across the fog" with increasing tension in various body areas.)

What's beautiful is that as inner Yin becomes more and more Sovereign in our interior, the body less and less has to try to "shout over thoughts", because we are more and more consistently resting within, moment by moment, as a delicious way of being in our life. Instead of abandoning the body, we develop a gentle tenderness and relationship of "trust" between our attention itself and our interior, including the tension-patterns that arise to show us the next unprocessed emotional network ready to be gently integrated into wholeness. As we unfold many spectrums of inner-attentiveness, we experience a spaciousness of "choice" in engaging with the dial of Awareness itself. What has previously been hidden in varying degrees of "subconsciousness" protected by layers of guarding or bracing both in fascial tissue and outward behavior-patterns can emerge into the safe space created by a gentle conscious inner (Yin) mind where tender, blame-free, shame-free alchemical transformation is possible. This is a very beautiful and empowering path. Much like a fluid Russian doll.  You can begin 1-on-1 sessions with me after completing Parts 1 & 2 of the Yin Sovereignty Intro teachings (below).   There are also options for 2-, 3- and 4-month packages of 1-on-1 sessions with me (also below).

Enjoy 3 Powerful Complimentary Videos:

17-min Simple inner-somatic exploration of embodied Yin/Yang energy distinction inside of *you*, somatic interroception grounding, and inner-experiential-discovery of your own cues of embodied "polarization"

1:11 Youtube Livestream Podcast All Things Love podcast: I am interviewed by podcaster and new student, Erica Risberg, demystifying inner Yin Sovereignty and 3-directional Light Anchoring in Mount Shasta - bridging spirituality into daily life, healing trauma, and relating.

Enjoy this free, delicious "Womb of Yin" gift-grounding (Passcode: MoreAngels@777) from winter in Mount Shasta of 2021:  30-minutes of rich somatic meditation followed by a powerful 90-minute embodied reflection dialogue in sacred circle of women.


(1) Yin Sovereignty Embodiment Meditation 5-Part Series 

NO Prerequisites - *excellent* for established meditators and beginners alike.  2-hour live-group experiential rich-somatic facilitations recorded from Mount Shasta in Nov-Dec, 2020. These are powerful transmissions with guided somatic openings designed to liberate your Awareness with Yin Sovereignty into authentically embodied Remembrance of the most basic element of Unification Embodiment at the sensory level. *Excellent* for softening inner-attention to attune to the authentic needs, expressed/repressed within the tissues of the body -- especially helpful for active-monkey minds, trauma-recovery where much of the body initially feels numb/disconnected, or hyper-sensitive stress-arousal patterns.  NOTE: Parts 1 & 2 are also the "On Ramp" to being eligible to schedule 1-on-1 sessions, to be invited to monthly Mountain Medicine Yin-Amplification events, and future LIVE-group advanced Yin Sovereignty series. Students are eligible for additional 1-on-1 sessions with me after completing each part of the series.

Part 1
  • Direct somatic experiencing of 4 Horizontal Diaphragms where emotional energy generally "clogs" in fascial tissue
  • Sovereignty of "locus of Awareness"
  • Liberate Basic Inner-Yin Sovereignty via Somatic Contrast Breakthrough
  • Embodied Competence of Yin-Sovereignty supporting Downward Anchoring of Light
  • Somatic Sensory Relating to Upward Vagus Nerve Firings and Brain-Balancing

Part 2
  • Unpack 3 Spectrums of Somatic Yin inner-attentiveness in 4 Diaphragms through Somatic Practice, and throughout the interior body:
~ Vary the Speed of Attention as it approaches inner fascial tension
~ Vary the Distance of how close attention approaches fascial tension
~ Vary the Softness/Firmness of inner Yin's supporting of the tension
  • Embodied Competence of Dynamic Light Anchoring with multi-"locus of Awareness" throughout depth of interior body landscape and sovereignty of modulation of the dial of inner-sensory awareness
  • Dynamic Light Anchoring throughout Limbs
  • Introduction to Horizontal Light Anchoring
Part 3
  • Unpack another Spectrum of Somatic Yin inner-attentiveness
~ Vary the Directional angle of flow of Attention through inner space
  • Somatic opening into Self-recognition of sentience of tissues
  • Dynamic Light Anchoring through Digestive/Immune System
  • Explore Dynamic Light Anchoring navigating interoceptive awareness within stable bones of pelvis and cranium, with simultaneous Open-Awareness of Unification Embodiment establishing Yin Sovereign state
  • Deeper exploration of Horizontal Light Anchoring
Part 4
  • Unpack another Spectrum of Somatic Yin inner-attentiveness
~ Attune the vibrational movement of Attention itself to the flavor of longing within an inner-gripping signaling deeper safety from within
  • Dynamically Anchor Light through sensory organs and other softer tissues, attuning to subtle interoceptive nuances of frequencies distinguishing bone and softer tissues
  • Deepening exploration of Horizontal Light Anchoring
  • Stabilizing embodied unconditional self-compassion and unfolding of Light
Part 5
  • Unpack another Spectrum of Somatic Yin inner-attentiveness
~ Attune to nuances of tilt/weight distribution of Attention as it engages in alchemical unification embodiment unfolding
  • Explore Dial of Awareness Modulation Capacity in Dynamic Light Anchoring through moving diagonal geometries of the body with embodied Yin Sovereignty available within 4 diaphragms
  • Deepen Stabilization of unconditional self-compassion and unfolding of Light through simultaneous Yin Sovereignty in open-awareness while Yang-energy moves and focuses nuanced lens of attention within
  • Deepening exploration of Horizontal Light Anchoring

REGISTER for Yin Sovereignty Intro with Paypal Gift:
Full 5-Part Series w/90-min 1-on-1 somatic integration session: $555 
Part 1: $144 (Specify "Part 1 Yin Sovereignty" in Paypal note)
Part 2: $144  (Specify "Part 2 Yin Sovereignty" in Paypal note)
Parts 1 & 2 plus 1-on-1 somatic integration (35-min/90-min): $333  / $444
Parts 3-5 available separately after 1-on-1 ($111 each)
ELIGIBLE to add 1-on-1's (35-min $111 / 90-min $222) after completing each recording of the series.

(2) 3-Month Embodied Transformation/Transition 1-on-1 Mountain Medicine Package:
This is for individuals or couples feeling a massive soul-call to make intense changes in life and also recognize the need for outside-support in the form of advanced energy medicine and somatic embodiment facilitation. This mentorship is for transformation around physical-emotional-healing growth or transitioning into a new chapter in life. This package has a two-part framework in its progression: (1) mastery support for continually evolving moment-to-moment embodiment practices, which form an ever-deepening foundation for (2) powerful 1-on-1 somatic transformational/alchemical work to be grounded and anchored into lasting upgrades. So the 3 months include Body-to-Mind healing and integration plus Mind-Body grounding through regular, committed embodied self-compassion "dates" in your interior body temple. This ensures we do not develop a codependency relationship, and you truly own your healing process.  If your primary interest is addressing the underlying emotional-tension-patterns generating or contributing to physical symptoms/conditions, then I'll have you submit a health/symptom intake form prior to the first 1-on-1 and at intervals throughout our series, and we will specifically infuse Yin Sovereign emotional mastery into Advanced BodyTalk formulas for deeply empowering, embodied health-upgrades and revelations stemming from within you.

Together, we engage in somatic opening navigation skills over the course of several months to support you in transforming into the most peaceful, yet powerful "you" given your current somatic "shape" (which is a specific geometry). And to become very conscious of your unique somatic transformation-process itself. There are a limited number of individuals that I can make myself available for in this very special way.  You are held in an effective yet compassionate container to release the deepest layers of congestion of your form, aligning your embodiment with the somatic "shape" that holds the highest expression of your most vibrant health with the deepest peace available to your being at this time.  You are supported to unleash your own mastery of navigation of your inner emotional/physical terrain using your own somatic awareness as your guide.  You open the senses to learn about the self, through the self, while holding compassion for all that you come to learn.  You may not have known that you could love yourself as deeply as you will discover when you follow the YES to this call, and I am so honored to hold this sacred space with you as you truly while-in-your-body reclaim your connection to the spark of the divine within you and your Highest Unfolding.  You get to unmistakably "feel" and "know" your deepest truths and work masterfully and compassionately with "conditioned reactions" as they unwind right there in the loving palm of your own gentle, tender awareness.  You'll be empowered with specific tailor-made somatic practices to very deeply reconnect and securely anchor you to your own authentic embodiment as it transforms each month. All aspects of the bodymind become your "Beloved friend" as you partner with your own inner Yin, ever-more fully inhabiting the physical body as your temporary but trusted "home" as you fully "own" your process in a deeply masterful, empowered way during these seasons of expansion and expression on this amazing Earthwalk journey. 

Over the course of 3 months:
~ 77-min Somatic Prep for Heart-Attuned Temple Orientation
~ 5 x 90-min ZOOM 1-on-1 mountain medicine sessions (approx every other week)
~ 5 x powerful 1-2 hour recorded teachings (alternating weeks) of somatic opening/explorations carefully selected for your goals, which will be paced preceding/between our 1-on-1 calls that support your ever-grounded capacity for full-embodied transformation and progressive stabilization of your upgrades
~ Up to 5 audio-message exchanges/email support per month
~ NOTE: We will start with Parts 1 & 2 of Yin Sovereignty Embodiment Meditation series if that's not been completed.
REGISTER -- (Paypal) $1555 or 

(3) NEW LIVE Mountain Medicine Mondays in Virgo -  Sept 6 - Oct 2.

New LIVE-group 5-Part facilitation diving into the sacred geometry relationships within our feet and a couple of other related areas for activating *deep*-circuitry balance and grounding of sacred Earth element. Synergistic facilitations primarily of bodies of work with Beloved Shasta, Mother Pele, Cedric Bertelli, Paul Linden, Eric Franklin, Anat Baniel, and Thomas Hubl.

Upgrading these incredible bone-rhythms realign stability, flexibility, coordination-balance, and amazing spiritual-sensing capacities within our feet and how our body temples literally sense and course-correct through our steps.   The self-healing, coordination love-upgrades are not just absorbed by the feet and ankles, but also ripple all the way up through the bone rhythms of our knees, hips, pelvis and beyond --- into how we balance the upper "weights" of the body as we move and position ourselves in life.

I'm getting the "Green Light" to facilitate and teach these deep interoceptive embodiments with integration into gentle movements in a special sequence of unfoldings during this time of Virgo.  We'll be amplifying both the New Moon and Full Moon together live, and you'll have a wholly upgraded set of feet anchoring the much-needed Equinox energies for:

  • Ease in transducing vertical to horizontal energy in our bodies and our planet
  • Delicious, natural buoyancy, and dynamic alignment health of feet and ankles
  • Sacred spiritual-sensing capacities
  • Integration of Sacred Heart, Hara center to Feet in deep ground of stillness
  • Balance in mental activity (e.g., reclaim some "pause" buttons)
  • Grounding integration of your summer's insights, learnings and emotions
  • Balancing and activating still-point in giving and receiving
  • Reclaim some sovereignty in "routines" of attention
If you feel called to Anchor Light with me through your vessel in these powerful ways, this is your invitation! :) 

Mountain Medicine Mondays: Grounding in Balance
5 Mondays, beginning Sept 6 (New Moon in Virgo)
2:22pm-3:33pm Hawaii time (5:22pm-6:33pm Pacific) on ZOOM
All sessions recorded
Includes one 90--minute 1-on-1 somatic integration mountain medicine session
Gift-In here --> $555
Or 2 x $288.88
No Prerequisites

(4) Yin-Fueled Motion and Emotional Mastery Package: 4-month / 2-month Options:

Prerequisites: 2-Part Yin Sovereignty with a 1-on-1 session, and earnest commitment to ever-deepening authentic embodiment in daily life.

Yin-Fueled Motion Mastery Mentorship includes:
One 77-min Preparatory Recording for Body Temple Somatic Orientation
Each month: 
2 x 90-min Yin-Fueled Motion Recorded Facilitations (every other week)
One monthly 90-minute 1-on-1 session
One monthly 35-minute 1-on-1 session

This is a mastery mentorship series harmonizing the movement and focusing-power of inner Yang-energy within the Yin Sovereign inner body temple landscape. Recordings are from a sequence of 8 live-group ZOOM facilitations on Hualalai Mountain of Big Island of Hawaii, infusing frequencies of Full Moon and New Moon energies of Yang-season carrying a powerful Lion's Gate amplification to support attunement-sovereignty of the sacred heart in every month of the year. <3 Each sequence builds on the previous, so you are welcome to start with a 2-month package and then continue with the second 2-months after that.

Gentle, Yin Sovereignty is infused into subtle movements of inner-geometries for:
~ Sensitizing "attention" to pleasurable sensations of flow of life energy available in regular everyday movements
Dynamic Body Alignment
~ Pelvis/Spine Core Strength without "forceful effort" but by reducing force
~ Fluidity and Ease of Movement through melted tension
~ Flexibility and Differentiation of Pelvic, Spine, Rib Joints
~ Release of intercostal muscle holdings
~ Embodied awareness of force absorption, storage, and transfer
~ Using weights of the body for ease of balance and movement with less and less "effort"
~ Core Stability fueled by regenerative Yin states
~ Exponential improvements in Coordination and Balance,
~ Enhanced Flexibility without "stretching" but by melting tension
~ Full-Bodied Wholeness-Awareness in Actions/Decisions from Dynamic Core Alignment

This mentorship unleashes deeper mastery of navigation of your inner emotional/physical terrain using your own ever-enhanced somatic awareness as your guide.  Special focus is on progressively ever-deepening somatic embodied presence for mastery of Yin-Sovereign movements in everyday life for incredible ease, balance, flexibility, core stability, balance, coordination, and full-bodied interconnectedness and integration within the inner-core geometries and limbs and also with the emotional landscape.  Instead of the body only "getting your attention" when it has to cry out above the sound-barrier in discomfort, with Yin-Fueled Motions, the pleasurable sensations of flow within the body become accessible as a resting temple for the mind in both stillness and in regular basic movements any and every day, while unfolding deeper and deeper authentic compassion for all that you come to learn and uncover.

The 90-minute recordings every other week include deep attunements, teachings, and integrated movement sequences that Anchor Light into inner-sacred geometry patterns that progressively update the brain's previous effort-based gripping patterns that initially served a protective-function that is now a drain on our energy-reserves to keep maintaining. We infuse Yin Sovereignty into micro-movements and dynamic alignment exercises that are inspired by some of my beloved human teachers Eric and Laura Hames Franklin, Anat Baniel, Paul Linden, and Thomas Hubl, as well as direct Yin-state meditative inquiry for full-bodied resolution of trauma, decision-making and action with the wisdom of embodied synchronized Awareness.

In our 1-on-1 work, you bring whatever themes of life are "up" for you, and we infuse Space/Time of Sovereign Yin, together, for deep digestion, integration and openings for insight, intuition and creativity to ground into your life.  You may not have known that you could love yourself as deeply as you will discover when you follow the YES to your inner Yin Sovereignty infused into the Wood/Fire element geometry-movements within your body temple. <3 These are months that support deep healing and transformation and profound mastery of your own sovereign relationship with attention itself. 

 In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the seasons of spring and summer are seen as the "inhalation" of the Earth year. The "Wood" (plant life) grows wider, taller and eventually into full-"Fire" expression.  These qualities are innately Yang-filled: outward movement, expression of strength, sharp-focus on uniqueness of differences in detail, decisions and actions, striving toward visions/goals, and joy and busy-ness of connections (aka, cross-pollinating).   The healthy smaller inner-Yin circle that is the counter-balance with Yang-Wood's lengthening and spreading of these outer branches ... is the equally deepening roots that quietly anchor into the ground. Infusing Sovereign inner Yin into our real-time movements, relationships, work, inner-growth development, and creations means that we are Lit and Fueled from within and not accidentally exhausting ourselves even by the things we love and care about.

This combination of 1-on-1 work and progressive somatic presencing into day-to-day movements opens up mastery-level somatic navigation skills engage in somatic opening navigation skills over the course of either 2 or 4 months, supporting you in "receiving" nd embodying the most peaceful, yet powerful somatic "shape" of "you" (which is a specific geometry). And to become very conscious of your unique somatic transformation-process itself.  You are held in an effective yet compassionate relational field to release the deepest layers of congestion of your form, aligning your embodiment with the somatic "shape" that holds the highest expression of your most vibrant health with the deepest peace available to your being at this time.  You unleash your own mastery of navigation of your inner emotional/physical terrain using your own somatic awareness as your guide.  You get to unmistakably "feel" and "know" your deepest truths and work masterfully and compassionately with "conditioned reactions" as they unwind right there in the loving palm of your own gentle, tender awareness. Previously repressed or supressed aspects of the bodymind become your "Beloved friend" as you partner with your own inner Yin, ever-more fully inhabiting the physical body as your temporary but trusted "home" as you fully "own" your process in a deeply masterful, empowered way through partnering with the Yang-process of expansion and expression on this amazing Earthwalk journey.

REGISTER for Yin-Fueled Motion Mastery Mentorship with Gifts through PayPal:
4-Month Commitment: $1888
4 x $488
5 x $388
2-Month Commitment: $988
2 x $488
3 x $388

Email me for other gift-in possibilities:

Below are some of the most influential bodies of work and experiences that inform my professional teaching, healing and coaching practice:

BodyTalk Training to date: BodyTalk Fundamentals seven times (coordinated three times) with four different instructors (Wendy Nelson, Mel Buzek, Angela Adkins and Kerry D'Ambrogio), integrated the Advanced BodyTalk Exploring Procedure, MindScape (4x with Angela Adkins and 2x with Melanie Palm), two Founders Session Intensive courses with John Veltheim (2013 and 2015) BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration (Mel Buzek),  BodyTalk Mod 3 Principles of Consciousness (2x - once with Mary Shields, once with Ben Manalo) , BodyTalk Mod 4/7 BioDynamics (with Mel Buzek and then with Kerry D'Ambrogio), BodyTalk Mod 6 Macrocosmic Bodymind with Dr Laura Stuve, BodyTalk Mod 9 Matrix Dynamics with Dr Janet Galipo, BodyTalk Advanced Integration (BAI) with Claudia Schembri-Heitmann, BodyEcology (Dr John Veltheim and Dr Laura Stuve), Dr John Veltheim's 7-month Fundamentals Study Group Series, Dr John Veltheim's 2-month Principles of Consciousness Study Group Series, the 9-month course "Giving Voice to the Body: A & P for BodyTalkers", BodyTalk Energetics (Dr John Veltheim), Practitioner Reflex (Dr John Veltheim), IBA Members Conference 2015 Online from Vancouver, Body Psychology (Dr John Veltheim), Dr Janet Galipo's 6-month 5 Elements 50 conditions webinar, Evolve Epigenetics for BodyTalkers (Dr Laura Stuve), PaRama Campus CDRRRII Course, The Soul's Journey: Exploring the Mind and 3 Brains (Dr John Veltheim), IBA Members Conference in 2017 (Clearwater, FL), Eastern Medicine (Dr John Veltheim), BodyTalk for Plants (Dr John Veltheim), BodyTalk Fascial Energetics 1 (Kerry D'Ambrogio), and Orthopedic Evaluation (Kerry D'Ambrogio), PaRama BodyTalk (Dr John Veltheim and Tim Hall)

Other Modalities and Beloved Teachers 
1996-1999 - Olympic contact style Tae Kwon Do with Master Darren Matthies
1999-2002 - Jiu-Jitsu grappling with Master Sung
2003+ - Becoming a mama with Prairie and then Karina/Sam
2012 - Sai Maa Diksha with Brian Besco 
2012- 2017 -  T’ai Chi and Qi Gong with Kim Kersbergen
2013-2014 - Reiki with Micara Link and Veronika Ludwig
2016-2017, 2020-2021.  Beloved late Laura Hames Franklin (Universal Health Principles and various Franklin Method trainings), 
2018 - Beloved Vipassana and Meta Meditation teacher Satya Narayan Goenka and beloved teaching assistant Swoo-Jen, which inspired me to begin training immediately in Somatic Awareness, Embodiment & Breakthrough Coaching - first with Paul Linden, founder of the Being-In-Movement MindBody Awareness Education and Embodied Peacemaking both in-person and online, and Richard Strozzi-Heckler and the Coaches Rising team, founder of the Strozzi Institute, both of whom have been Aikido Masters for decades and committed to utilizing their understanding of Qi and principles of embodiment to the betterment of the way humans hold presence with themselves and each other, and I offer deep respect for the profound influence of Shinzen Young in the somatic meditation research field and David Treleaven in his life-work of unfolding trauma-sensitive mindfulness.

2019-2020 - Many in-depth trainings with Dr Dan Siegel (founder of MindSight Institute, the Wheel of Awareness and the academic study of Interpersonal Neurobiology),  Amanda Blake (author of Your Body is Your Brain), Thomas Hubl (author of Principles of Healing Collective Trauma), John Prendergast (author of The Deep Heart), Loch Kelly (author of Effortless Mindfulness) Cedric Bertelli (founder of Emotional Health Institue) for complete somatic Emotional Resolution, took many classes in Adult Developmental/Integral Coaching with Eben Pagan & Annie Lala and also a variety of instructors through Coaches Rising,  Jacques Fumex and Cedric Bertelli together for Emotional Resolution for the Body. I am still a student of Cedric Bertelli' as more trainings become available through the Emotional Health Institute.
2020-2021 - Neuromovements with Anat Baniel
2021 - Franklin Method Pelvic Fascia Teacher training with Eric Franklin

2021 - Currently, I am currently bathing in a 9-month intensive-"retreat"-course with John Prendergast in Meditative Self-Inquiry, continual study with Cedric Bertelli as more trainings become available through the Emotional Health Institute, various Franklin Method trainings including in-depth through certification for Franklin Method Teacher Level 1 with Eric Franklin (founder of the Franklin Method of movement embodiment and dynamic alignment), full-year with Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibs (embodiment practices associated with spiritual dimensions of the Enneagram), a 6-month course in live Emergent Dialogue / One World in Dialogue with Elizabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger, and I have been engaging ongoingly as a very committed student of Thomas Hubl's since 2019 - every course offered in his powerful individual & collective-trauma-healing somatic work and advanced meditation teachings as well as participating in his powerful Pocket Project international labs and Global Social Witnessing calls.

Influential Practices and Life Experiences
Motherhood experiences of prenatal yoga, birthing, bonding and breastfeeding, igniting an initial interest in health, wellness, and intuition. 
~ A low back injury that eventually steered me into practicing Iyengar and Anusara Yogasana, pranayama, japa meditation, mindful meditation, prayer, Theta Healing, Angelic Connection, MerKaba meditation, Reiki, formless meditation, integration of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras through Nischala Joy Devi's translations, Dragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong
~ Universal Health Principles and various Franklin Method trainings with Laura Hames Franklin
~ Spring Forest Qi Gong with Chunyi Lin, 
~ Participating in a Wild dolphin immersion retreat with Lisa Sullivan and Joan Ocean on Big Island of Hawaii
~ Living as a resident for 3 years in an intentional community called Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, a beautiful ecological-sustainability project with a 501(c)3 non-profit educational wing, in 280 acres of rolling plains in Missouri, with systems of solar and wind power, rain-water catchments, earthen-plaster homes, and consensus-based council inner-governance, ultimate frisbee, song circles, and broomball. <3
~ Realizing in my first silent 10-day Vipassana sit (Goenka tradition) that I had previously been using spiritual practices as a form of "bypassing". 
~ Permaculture Design Course (Midwest Permaculture) that illuminated systems-thinking across systems.
~ Shamanic Breathwork Journeys that revealed Remembrances and inner-compass adjustments
~ Applying Vipassana into Polar-Plunging Meditation
~ Loving deeply and painfully ending a relationship over-strained from a lack of capacity to navigate emotional-triggers in-real-time, igniting myself on a quest for how to anchor emotional resolution embodiment practices into daily living moment to moment.
~ Transition in June, 2020, of my friend, Tracy Saboe, who's final words were a plea for love, prayers and compassion for people who inflict violence on others, because Love is the only thing that truly Heals hate...shortly before a human with a gun and the "wrong address" mistakenly entered Tracy's home before shooting him and then entering a different house 1 block away and shooting other humans. I stand by my intentions in my tribute for Only We: Dismantling Us versus Them Paradigm.
~ Sleeping on the ground under stars every night for many months at various elevations of Mount Beloved Shasta in 2020, and in cabins over the winter, synthesizing deep interroceptive embodiment practices for unlocking capacities of the dial of awareness in movement and stillness, silence and in communication.
~ Realizing the power of the question "Who is the one who is wanting something?" can invite realizations in any moment of potential spiritual-ego shadow patterns -that can otherwise co-opt spiritual Lightworking principles and practices.
Transition inFeb, 2021, of beloved mentor, Laura Hames Franklin, the first person I ever heard utter the mysterious words, "Stay in your body."

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