Wendy Marie Wagner

Wendy Marie Wagner

BA, RMT, VITA Coach, CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP


9907 -98 Avenue
Zen Spa
Peace River, AB

Phone: 780-624-2936 (BZEN)


My name is Wendy Marie Wagner, and I live in Peace River, a small town in Northern Alberta, Canada. I feel honoured to be able to provide my clients with this wonderful service and to introduce them to a way of experiencing a shift in their health paradigm! 

In February, 2009, I was able to coordinate our very first BodyTalk Access course, instructed by Taylor Wideman from St. Albert, Alberta. It was a huge success as people here are beginning to see the potential of learning this fascinating and helpful system. Since then she has taught Modules 1 & 2 and I have also brought David Korchinski here to teach Mindscape. 

I am a registered massage therapist, esthetician, and also do Asian massage like Thai, as well as aspects of Tuina and Tao Shiatsu, which focus more on energy systems than anatomy. I also have my B.A., majoring in Applied Social Science with electives in Eastern religions.  I spent over two years in Asia, particularly in South Korea and India.

I first discovered BodyTalk in September 2004 at a massage conference in Calgary, Alberta.  It resonated strongly with me and I knew this was the energy medicine modality I needed to learn!

I am truly passionate about BodyTalk because it is a system that addresses all levels of a person, so I see it as a truly wholistic system. It also works with any other modality the client may be receiving.

In May, 2011, I passed my examinations to become an Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner.  The courses I have completed to date include:

  • Modules 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9
  • Right Brain Practical
  • Mindscape
  • Breakthrough 1 & 2, Breakthrough 1 Practical and Steps Intensive
  • Chinese Medicine for BodyTalk
  • Orthopedic Evaluation
  • Family Systems Evaluation
  • Finding Health 1& Treatments Intensive
  • Finding Syzygy
  • PaRama Unit 1 and Practical
  • PaRama Unit 2 and Practical
  • Advanced Modules Integration
  • Freefall 1 & 2
  • The Three Brains and the Soul's Journey

In January, 2010, my boyfriend and I were fortunate enough to attend a sacred pilgrimmage to South India, led by quantum physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami, and his wife, yoga psychologist, Dr. Uma Krishnamurthy. This was a truly amazing trip and the effects of which trickle into my work with BodyTalk as well as into my own being.  

Inspired by the transformation I experienced from doing Freefall courses Level 1&2 in 2011,  I became interested in tantra and sexuality and in 2020 I completed a VITA coaching certification in Sex, Love and Relationship through Layla Martin's Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, and I now offer this unique methodology of coaching to Men, Women and Couples. For more information you can visit my website www.mariewagner.ca

I live with my boyfriend overlooking the beautiful Peace River valley.  I also paint, meditate, and study tantra, BodyTalk, spiritual and quantum physics related material in my free time.  I am the owner and creator of Zen Spa, where I also hold once a week group meditation sits. Feel free to call or email me for more information or to set up an appointment.  For those who are interested in a session and live out of town, I do distance sessions as well.  Check out my website www.peaceriverzenspa.com 


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