Oksana Northwood

Oksana Northwood

BComm, BEd, CBP


Remote Services

Edmonton, AB

Phone: (780) 709-3383


Oksana Northwood

"The BodyTalk System was instrumental in my healing progress.  My healing, following an injury, was slow.  The pain persisted and quality of life just wasn't the same.  A search for a Whole Body Medicine turned up a video called "Cortices", that lead me to the next video called "What is BodyTalk", and then another, and things changed that day!  I started doing Cortices, the more I did, the better I felt…" Oksana. 

The effects of using BodyTalk System are outstanding. Delightfully, it is one of those experiences that you must try yourself, as our human nature is so vastly unique. BodyTalk, as language of health, has taught me to understand our wellbeing from another perspective. So I invite you to discover what benefits it can bring to you and your life.  

With 5 years of experience practicing BodyTalk System in a clinic setting, Oksana continues to offer her excellent professional services in Edmonton, both remotely and in person.  She continues to increase her knowledge and expand her understanding of health and life matters, she upgrades her skills all the time. 

Sharing this respectful and comprehensive system with others is rewarding.  Oksana studied BodyTalk Fundamentals, Principles of Consciousness, Bio-Dynamics, Macrocosmic BodyMind, Matrix Dynamics, BodyTalk: Advanced Integration, Lymphatic Drainage & Applied A&P, Eastern Medicine, The Biophysical Mind, BodyEcology, MindScape, and Advanced MindScape, and more.

The desire of a young child to save the World has evolved into Oksana's commitment to life, and everything it means.  She knows that in order to help others we must first improve and better ourselves.  She welcomes you to work with her to improve your health, and to better your life.  Please reach out to Oksana to arrange for your treatment. 


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